Klink Launches Social Media Platform That Compensates Users for Creative Content

Social networking app allows users to monetize on sharing their photos/videos and discover like-minded individuals around the world.

​Klink, the social networking platform allowing users to monetize their photo and video content, today announces their iOS and Android app to pay the world's top content creators. Currently available in the iTunes Store and Google Play, Klink improves upon older photo sharing apps and allows users to monetize their photo and video content. Through an immersive experience that takes advantage of the phone’s full screen, Klink is winning content creators over with it's UI and rewards for creativity and original content.

On Klink, users have the ability to publish full screen photos and videos (up to 20 seconds) from the camera directly or using content in your existing camera roll. Klink then pays users a predetermined $1.00 to $2.00 per 1000 views of their published content, counting only unique views. Users can dress up photos and videos with unique filters and content in order to increase their views and dividends. Additionally, Klink’s video camera introduces the ability to create montages by switching between gallery and live capture footage, as well as post videos in slow motion and in reverse.

Features and capabilities of Klink

  • User revenue stream - Klink pays users up to $2 for every thousand views of their content.

  • In-app sharing - Users can easily share content with other Klink users.

  • Featured posts - Via in-app purchases, users can boost their visibility by having their content displayed on a “Featured” feed.

  • Klink Creators - Influencers within the app are chosen and featured on a separate “Creators” tab on the home screen.

  • Fullscreen - Klink utilizes the entire screen for displaying photos and videos, offering an unmatched viewer experience.

  • Advertising - Advertisers can begin advertising on klink by visiting klink.io.

Klink is the first platform of its kind that financially benefits all users, ” said Klink CEO TAYLOR PIERCE. “From social influencers looking for additional revenue streams to the casual user, Klink gives everyone the ability to monetize their content and creativity.”

Klink was created by a team of veteran startup and app entrepreneurs including former employees of Apple, Google, Match.com, Travelocity, and more. The company generates revenue in the following ways: banner ads, native advertising, and in-app user purchases.

Klink is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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About Klink

Founded in 2015 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and engineers, Klink is the first platform of its kind to penetrate social media by paying users for sharing their photos and videos. Combining financial incentives and creative rewards, Klink is at the forefront of a new generation of social media platforms allowing users to be compensated for their content. With a new age of content creators moving into mainstream media, Klink not only provides a platform but is network for creative growth and monetization.

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