KlimaDAO, SCB Group and Solid World Announce Partnership to Create Liquid Forward Carbon Markets for Prepaid Community Cookstove Carbon Credits

In partnership with Solid World, KlimaDAO and SCB will deploy prepaid carbon liquidity to improve efficiency and price discovery in carbon markets. The prepaid credits will be from The Gold Standard certified project for the provision and use of Improved Cookstoves for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

KlimaDAO, the leading provider of blockchain-based carbon credits and market infrastructure, has partnered with leading low carbon company SCB Group to launch a new prepaid carbon liquidity pool using Solid World’s platform. 

Solid World’s infrastructure is a novel solution, creating a liquid market for prepaid carbon credits that have yet to be issued, bringing major benefits to the broader Voluntary Carbon Markets. Solid World’s CRISP framework helps increase the confidence and predictability of funding for projects that are yet to issue carbon credits and shortens the payback times for project developers. The new prepaid credit pool has launched with 54,050 tonnes of carbon and over $1M in total liquidity. 

Andrew Bonneau of KlimaDAO said: “Solid World and SCB share our vision of leveraging technology to create a more dynamic, innovative, and importantly, scaleable climate finance market. We’re thrilled to collaborate and utilize Solid World’s market infrastructure.” 

Stenver Jerkku, CEO of Solid World, said: “Together with our pioneering partners, we're charting a path towards a future of luminous markets, where clear commodity prices don’t just reflect value but catalyze monumental change. This partnership is another huge step in making these markets a reality.” 

Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group, said: “Along with colleagues, I have visited the refugee camps in Bangladesh and seen firsthand the beneficial impact of improved cookstoves on the lives of the Rohingya people and wider community. Our commitment to projects like this is profoundly personal. Distributed ledger technology is a natural ally to the Voluntary Carbon Market and a powerful force for good, fostering growth and nurturing a more sustainable world.”

About Solid World

Solid World is a commodities trading platform that makes climate financing liquid and transparent. Solid World minimizes delivery risk with a scientific framework called CRISP, which analyzes and scores the various different risks that carbon projects encounter.  

Launched in May 2023, their beta already has $1M TVL and strong partnerships with industry leaders like Mastercard Lighthouse, IETA, and SCB.

Contact Solid World: carbon@solid.world

About StarCB

SCB is a world-leading low-carbon commodity company. With more than 100 staff in five offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia, it provides market-based solutions to assist clients in achieving their sustainability goals and supports the financing of high-integrity and quality emission reduction and removal projects. 

Contact SCB Group: advisory@starcb.com

About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO's mission is to accelerate the delivery of climate finance globally by building the transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure needed to scale the Digital Carbon Market.

Contact KlimaDAO: press@klimadao.finance

Source: KlimaDAO