Klik Launches a New Lead Retrieval System

Montreal company klik targets the trade show industry with its very own lead retrieval system

Easy-click wearable for more natural lead capturing

Today, klik, an advanced event engagement solution with smart wearables, is announcing the launch of a new lead retrieval system. The new product offers lead capturing capabilities that provide access to a new level of data for the industry.

Klik aims to transform the event experience for attendees while providing event owners with robust data collection and location intelligence capabilities. These insights can help them better understand their events and audiences.

Thanks to its new, sophisticated monitoring system, klik will help exhibitors too. With the easy-click smart wearable, it's easier for exhibitors to capture leads and their level of engagement - no more badge scanning! They can program booths with geo-targeted content and touchpoints. Plus, they can access the booth's web dashboard to monitor its performance based on the number of visits, dwell time and representative performance.

Now, exhibitors can better understand what's happening at their booths and stop making assumptions about their ROI based only on qualified leads. They can improve their booths at upcoming trade shows based on data including the number of representatives, peak hours to better manage breaks, products with the greatest attendee interest, number of clicks per CTA, and more.

According to Vincent Leclerc, CTO and co-founder of klik: "We've done many trade shows in the past to promote our products and we were always unsatisfied with the lead retrieval systems' user experience and shortage of information. As event engagement solution developers who believe in creating meaningful events for attendees, we realized that exhibitors needed a better experience and technology solution. So we decided to take care of them."

Not only does this new offering benefit exhibitors, but it can also provide event organizers with useful data and a better understanding of event dynamics. With a real-time event dashboard with live floor monitoring, making on-the-spot decisions has never been easier. Plus, it provides a post-event analytics report featuring essential insights to help organizers improve their events and sponsorship packages.


About klik

Klik is an advanced event engagement solution with smart wearables created by PixMob. Founded in 2006, PixMob is a Canadian company whose patented interactive wireless LED technology creates stunning crowd lighting effects. Through ten years of experience engaging crowds, PixMob noticed that many event technologies were creating a digital wall, discouraging human connection by drawing people deeper into smartphones and social networks. In response to this new reality, PixMob created klik, increasing connections between event attendees while collecting better data for event organizers, helping them improve future events.

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Klik is an advanced event engagement solution with smart wearables. Completely portable LED wearables deliver a more relevant event experience that connects attendees to more moments and organizers to more unbiased behavioral data.

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