KlariVis Announces New Relationship With Ephrata National Bank

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KlariVis, a fast-growing enterprise dashboard and analytics solution for the financial services industry, today announced its new relationship with Ephrata National Bank as a key analytics tool for the bank's future. 

KlariVis compiles and aggregates high-value, actionable data into an intuitive, user-friendly enterprise dashboard. The KlariVis platform provides financial institutions of all sizes with timely insights that drive profitability and productivity. As a solution developed for bankers by bankers, KlariVis understands financial institutions' pain points and continues to see rapid growth as organizations seek a simpler way to transform their data. 

"With data comes knowledge. With knowledge comes competitive advantage," recognizes Craig Rodenberger, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Ephrata National Bank. Bankway® from FIS is the bank's current core account processing platform, and Rodenberger explains that the addition of KlariVis gives ENB more insight into its customers and what's happening inside the bank. "The KlariVis team's experience as former bankers allows them to understand our struggles. The platform is intuitive, and it shows us where we need to improve while also uncovering opportunities within our customer base that we might not have been privy to before."

Ephrata National Bank is an independent community bank that provides personal, business banking and money management banking services in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Serving its communities since 1881, ENB is proud to help their neighbors achieve financial well-being with proactive solutions and educational resources. 

"As former bankers, our goal is to propel banks' missions forward," says Kim Snyder, CEO of KlariVis. "Our new relationship with Ephrata National Bank will empower its team and customers to live and work better with clear, actionable data. We are excited to support ENB in their aspiration to make a difference in the communities they serve."

About Ephrata National Bank

ENB Financial Corp, headquartered in Ephrata, PA, is the bank holding company for its wholly-owned subsidiary Ephrata National Bank. Ephrata National Bank operates from 13 full-service locations in Lancaster County, southeastern Lebanon County, and southern Berks County, Pennsylvania, with the headquarters located at 31 E. Main Street, Ephrata, PA. Ephrata National Bank has been serving the community since 1881. For more information about ENB Financial Corp, visit the Corporation's website at www.enbfc.com

About KlariVis

Created by veteran community bank executives, KlariVis was developed to enable institutions of all sizes to see their institution clearly and access transformative data in an efficient way, interpret it, and act decisively on it. The KlariVis team aims to provide financial institutions with an enterprise dashboard and analytics solution designed to solve the data conundrum that is prevalent in the industry today. For more information visit www.KlariVis.com or contact Kim Snyder, CEO & Founder, at kimsnyder@klarivis.com.

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