KJP Select Hardwoods Offers Rough Cut Lumber Packs

Ottawa, Ontario-based lumber supplier simplifies purchasing process for woodworking professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

KJP Select Hardwoods is excited to offer Rough Cut Lumber Packs for purchase in its online store. Packs are available in 10 board feet (bf) and 20bf, delivered right to the customer's door.

The Ottawa-based company supplies both 4/4 and 8/4 rough cut lumber in packs, suitable for professionals and DIYers. Woodworkers can choose from species like:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Purpleheart
  • White Oak

The packs are a great value since the more purchasers buy, the more they save, a company spokesperson said.

"This is an economical method of purchasing exceptional quality wood online, and we guarantee that buyers will love what they get," he said, adding the packs are a special online offering. "Our Rough Cut Lumber Packs are designed for woodworkers who aren't within driving distance of our retail location."

Whether woodworkers purchase online or on-site, KJP Select Hardwoods takes great care with the hardwood lumber it sells. 

"We pride ourselves in offering quality boards that are hand-picked by actual woodworkers," the spokesperson said. "If we wouldn't use the boards ourselves, we would not ship them."

With a wide range of available species, the expertly sourced lumber packs are ideal for any woodworking project. KJP Select Hardwoods designs its packs to help buyers take their woodworking to the next level.

A 10bf pack of 4/4 lumber contains approximately four to seven boards, while the 20bf option delivers around eight to 14 boards. For 8/4 lumber, the 10bf version has about two to three boards, and the 20bf pack approximately five to six. The number of boards depends on the board width available when the order is fulfilled. The boards come in 48" lengths and 4" to 8" widths.

The lumber packs arrive skip dressed and ready for additional milling. Woodworkers who want more finished boards can check out KJP Select Hardwoods' fantastic S4S lumber collection.

Providing competitive pricing and fast shipping, KJP Select Hardwoods is a one-stop shop for professional carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts. The company has finishing products like applicator tools and epoxy resins, hardware and a variety of woodworking tools. It also offers furniture and on-site classes.


KJP Select Hardwoods is a well-established lumber supplier based in Ottawa, Ontario. Besides rough cut and S4S lumber, the company has burl and offcut boxes, carving wood, cutting board blanks, live edge and charcuterie boards, thins and veneers, tonewood and turning wood. It features complementary products from brands like Amana, EcoPoxy, FAMAG, and Osmo and offers a range of milling services. The company provides on-site classes covering topics such as epoxy river tables, cutting boards, knife stands and ocean resin art. Visit the KJP Select Hardwoods website to learn more.

Source: KJP Select Hardwoods

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