Kiwano Introduces Revolutionary First of Its Kind 'One Wheel Handheld Electric Scooter'

Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter

Kiwano, a Miami-based company revolutionizing the electric rideable industry, releases its newest product that provides a riding experience unlike any other.

Today, Kiwano introduces the New KO1 Electric Scooter. The KO1 is a one wheel scooter that uses our completely custom-designed and patented wheel. Our patented drive system delivers the ultimate performance, managing speed, torque, and power.

With two modes, pro and novice, anyone can step on the KO1 and learn to ride in minutes. The Auto Deck Smart Control System allows riders to simply step on the scooter, tilt it forward to launch, and proceed to control it with forward and backward body motions.

The KO1 is lightweight and strong, made from premium materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It is built with a long-range 20-mile battery pack, can reach up to 20 mph, and has a 35 percent incline for typical urban hills.

The KO1 is made in a factory owned and operated by Kiwano, meaning Kiwano is able to monitor the quality of materials used for every single unit delivering a premium constructed product. The KO1 is available for purchase online at their official online store ( and soon through retailers such as BestBuy as well as specialty stores.

The KO1 will retail for $999 in stores from August 2017 and can be ordered now for July delivery at a special offer of $799 plus free shipping worldwide. When purchasing the KO1 you have the choice of the Urban (Road) or Sport (All-Terrain) tires. Riders can also choose additional accessories such as the fender and grip in colors Gray, Green or Blue Camo, the GoPro Mount, Rapid Charger, and a Kiwano Helmet.

KO1 Features

  • Auto Deck™, Smart Control System: Allows riders to get going in 3 easy steps: Step, Launch, and Go.
  • Patent Pending Drive System: The KO1 wheel, designed by Kiwano, gives the ultimate riding experience: Speed, Torque, & Power.
  • Rider Modes: Both pro and novice modes allow riders to adjust according to their skill level. When the rider feels comfortable, they can change their mode using the app or LCD display.
  • Incline: KO1 has an impressive incline ability of 35 percent.
  • Lightweight & Strong: KO1 is made from premium materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, flexi poly-carbonate.
  • Shock Suspension System: For a smooth riding experience and the ability to do advanced tricks for pro riders.
  • Battery: Batteries are LG UL 2271 Certified. On a full 60 minute charge, the range on a KO1 is 20 miles.
  • Fireproof: The LG batteries are stored within the unit in a fireproof-sealed case for guaranteed protection.
  • Action Camera Mount: Mount a GoPro to record the ride.
  • Weather Resistant: Don’t be afraid to take the KO1 out and about; it is water and dust resistant with IP54 certification.
  • Connectivity: The Kiwano app, available for iOS and Android, keeps track of speed, trip distance, milage, battery level and adjusting rider modes as well as full diagnosis reporting and firmware updates.
  • Follow Me Mode: Using the Kiwano app available on iOS & Android you can control your unit to move forward and backward with the touch of a button.
  • LED Lights: Headlights and Taillights are on at all times for as a safety precaution.
  • LCD Display: Quick access to battery level, speed and rider modes without jeopardizing safety.
  • Rider Foot Pegs: Foldable and adjustable anti-slip ergonomic foot grips for lower body stability and control.
  • Kickstand: Foldable and discreet, riders can easily park your KO1 anywhere.


About Oliver Evans
Founder and CEO of Shark Innovations and Kiwano inventor Oliver Evans has spent 15 years designing products in consumer electronics market. Originally from London, U.K., he has spent more than 15 years abroad in Hong Kong, China and the USA from learning manufacturing to designing products for startups to large retail companies. With his passion for electric vehicles, Kiwano an eco-friendly company was born with a vision to lead in premium products constructed from only the highest quality materials.

About Kiwano
Founded in 2016 with a mission to revolutionize electric rideables and become a leader in manufacturing premium electric scooters. With its own manufacturing facilities, top designers and engineers, this enables Kiwano to bring to market innovative products efficiently without comprising quality. Kiwano is working on a range of exciting new products to cater from kids, teens to adults. Kiwano is based in the USA with branch offices in Asia and Europe. Visit today! 

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