Kismia - a New Player on a Dating Market of Canada

Kismia was one of the first dating services in Europe to rethink online dating for serious relationships. When dating online was considered something frivolous, the team behind Kismia has positioned its product as a place to find a significant other. For eight years in service, the platform has grown to the international dating brand with a considerable user base in France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Latin America. Now Kismia expands to Canada and shares what it has to offer.


​Kismia initially started its service in 2012 as a dating website for mature people in Western Europe. The platform has quickly gained traction in France and Spain. A few years later, Kismia entered the English and Portuguese-speaking dating markets worldwide and presented a more efficient matching logic. Now, the matching algorithm of Kismia considers a dozen different parameters, such as goals, values, interests, ethnicity, desire to have children, attitude to alcohol and smoking, etc. Another feature of an improved matching algorithm is that it calculates the compatibility between two users and shows a compatibility percentage. In that way, the user can see right away whether the other person is matching with them or not, even without reading their profile.

Monetization model

Kismia uses the subscription business model with basic functionality, provided to users free of charge and additional Premium features, that help to break the ice and build a connection with new people faster. Another interesting feature of Kismia is that they decided to avoid monetization through advertising. "We strive to make the experience on our platform as smooth as possible for any user, whether he or she pays for the service or not," says Kismia's CMO, "So we don't interrupt the online dating experience with ads. The only difference between Basic and Premium accounts – number of available features." Probably, the main reason that persuades users to opt for a Premium account is that the holders of Basic accounts can chat only with Premium users. So, to chat with any person on the platform, the user definitely needs a Premium account, in other cases – Basic account is enough to go.


"As we stated in 2012, Kismia is a dating site for serious relationships. And this is our main focus: to help people cross their paths not just for a second, but for the days, months and years to come. The only difference in our positioning in comparison to the initial one is that now we are giving an option to find a person, based on your goals. So if you're looking for a suitable person just to chat or date with –– Kismia will be your place too," says Kismia's CMO.

Currently, Kismia has more than 100 million users worldwide and is available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian.

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