KiPcreating Launches a Revolutionary Real-Time Aircraft Configurator

Award-winning visualization studio KiPcreating has announced the release of Expressa, a pioneering real-time configurator for aircraft, vehicles, and real estate. Designed with an innovative production toolset, Expressa will streamline design, marketing, and sales activities.

Expressa Configurator

This real-time configurator makes it possible for those with no technical 3D visualization expertise to create fully personalized platform configuration experiences, through custom color schemes, materials, and cameras. Expressa is also equipped with versatile export options. High-quality 3D visualizations can become immersive headset-ready VR experiences, high-quality renderings, or detailed specs books in minutes. 

According to current industry estimates, a full 3D visualization package for a typical business jet (includes five renderings, a specs book, and 2 VR 360 views) can take from 15 to 20 hours. Expressa shortens that timeframe to 8 minutes while reducing operational costs by 75%.

The software makes it possible for salespeople to engage clients through a fully customized experience, with an undeniable "wow" factor. For marketers, Expressa is a fast and easy way to create stunning customized renderings and animations for advertising as well as presentations, even without technical expertise. Expressa is also an invaluable tool for aircraft designers, vehicle designers, and interior designers, who can create, store, edit, and share their work through an intuitive UI, with stunning visuals.

As Max Pardo, Founder and CEO of KiPcreating explains, "Expressa is a turnkey digital solution for the entire team. Its later stages of development took place at an interesting time. Last year completely changed how businesses operate. Companies in almost all industries had an accelerated digital transformation, so tools like Expressa became much more important. With Expressa, you can deliver captivating customer experiences at a fraction of the cost, using the latest technology trends and without even leaving the workplace."

Expressa also helps retain leads by automatically creating specs books, customer brochures, and estimates on the spot. The platform is a best-in-class solution for design, marketing, and sales, with special features for every stage of the customer journey. 

Expressa was originally designed to serve the visualization needs of manufacturers and service providers in the business aviation industry, but the technology it was built upon has incredible potential and can be applied across domains. 

About KiPcreating 

KiPcreating is an internationally awarded, high-end visualization studio with over 18 years of experience. It works with leading companies in aviation, architecture, the automotive sector, and boating, to create immersive and memorable digital experiences. KiPcreating's areas of expertise include product configurators, 3D visualization, virtual reality, and trade show support. The studio has partnered with the likes of Embraer, F-List, Pagani Automobili, and Boeing Business Jets. In recent years, KiPcreating's projects won three International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

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Source: KiPcreating

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