Kiolbassa Smoked Meats Announces Two Tons of Premium Smoked Meats Donation to Atlanta Community Food Bank

Kiolbassa Smoked Meats is excited to announce the upcoming food donations of over two tons of cooked smoked sausage to the Atlanta Community Food Bank on the evening of October 21. Kiolbassa Smoked Meats looks forward to working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank for the opportunity to provide meals to communities and people in need in the respective area. As part of the continued work for the Links of Love community enrichment initiative, Kiolbassa will continue their cross-country tour dedicated to feeding those in need.

On the evening of Thursday, October 21, Kiolbassa Smoked Meats will donate 4,224 pounds of their premium smoked meats to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The approximate 24,400 servings of food will supplement the Atlanta Community Food Bank's mission to provide food to improve the lives of the metropolitan-Atlanta area and continue the food bank's dedicated mission. The Links of Love products are exclusively made for food banks and disaster relief meal preparation, with each product made using the highest quality meat and ingredients.

Kyle Waide, President and CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank said, "We are very grateful to the Kiolbassa family and associates for their contribution of handmade sausages through their Links of Love program. Their generosity helps the Food Bank continue to grow the percentage of fresh meats and proteins we can distribute to hungry neighbors through our network of food pantry partners."

For Kiolbassa, it is about bringing the highest quality products for all to enjoy, improve lives, and benefit communities.

"We know that protein is hard to come by for people experiencing food insecurities. Through our Links of Love program, we created a special all-pork fully cooked smoked sausage to help provide nourishment to Atlanta families in need," said Wendy Stiles, community enrichment director of Kiolbassa Smoked Meats.

Kiolbassa has been family-owned and -operated for three generations, producing hand-crafted, smoked sausage, bacon and chorizo using the finest cuts of meat. The mission to enrich the lives of others through their Links of Love initiative is at the heart of Kiolbassa. Kiolbassa distributes their products to select grocery retailers and club stores across the United States and Mexico. Kiolbassa's Links of Love community enrichment initiative is a national program focused on improving the lives of people who are suffering from food insecurity or unfortunately affected by natural disasters. 

Kiolbassa will be donating more than two tons of premium smoked meats to the Atlanta Community Food Bank through their Links of Love initiative to benefit the city, residents, and community as a whole, and is committed to the ongoing assistance for communities challenged with food insecurity or suffering from natural disasters. Kiolbassa is devoted to community enrichment, as the world is faced with major challenges, the premium smoked meats brand is dedicated to supporting those in their time of greatest need. 

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Source: Kiolbassa Smoked Meats


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