Kinsta Becomes First Managed WordPress Host Exclusively Powered by Google Cloud Platform and LXD Containers

Kinsta headquartered in London & LA Brings LXD Container Management to WordPress.

Kinsta, the largest managed WordPress hosting firm in Europe, has revamped their infrastructure entirely and has become the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform. LXD is the container management solution being utilized, a next-generation container hypervisor and a new user experience for LXC, which is an initialism for Linux Containers. LXC is an OS-level virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a control host using a single Linux kernel. LXC’s initial release was in 2008 and LXD has been around since late 2014.

Kinsta feels this will offer them a huge edge over rivals which are stuck in the past using shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Advantages of containers over virtual machines are many, and Google themselves has seen the writing on the wall for over a decade with their own projects including Borg and Kubernetes.

  • Containers, especially with LXD, offer the best of both worlds: isolation with automatic scalability.

  • A high level of transportability between host machines translates into a more easily managed backend and increased redundancy throughout systems.

  • Full container snapshots enable instant and complete backups of the whole environment.

About Kinsta

Kinsta was originally formed in London in late 2013 and has been rapidly expanding in the United States during the past year. They project revenues of 7 figures for 2016 and are focusing on the high-end of the managed WordPress hosting market. Kinsta is built for marketers, developers and enterprise clients. They are the first managed WordPress host to be exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform, which in many independent studies has proved to be both faster and cheaper than Amazon Web Services. Staging and developer tools like Git, SSH, WP-CLI are standard on all their hosting plans, which start at $100 per month.

Kinsta’s competitors and similar products include WP Engine, Flywheel and Pagely. Kinsta aims to differentiate itself in the market on ease of use, high-level technical support and its cutting-edge technology. Kinsta is currently serving over 5 billion HTTP requests per month.

Quote from Kinsta

“Aligning ourselves with Google Cloud Platform was a no-brainer. We submitted a representative WordPress setup on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to a number of tests including: load/stress testing, uptime, ease of management, level of control, ability to scale. Google Cloud Platform won on both cost and performance. Managed WordPress hosting at the speed of Google is a dream come true for many webmasters.” Mark Gavalda, Chief Executive Officer

For more information on the new Kinsta infrastructure, contact a technical sales representative today.

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Source: Kinsta

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