Kingsbarn and Fusible Innovations Form New Operating Joint Venture to Produce Industrial-Grade Chemical Products

Kingsbarn Realty Capital ("Company" or "Kingsbarn") announced the formation of a new operating joint venture (the "JV") with Fusible Innovations Inc. of Plano, Texas ("Fusible") that will manufacture and distribute potassium chloride salt and metaphosphoric acid for food, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial-grade products. The JV will operate under the Fusible Innovations trade name and will be based in Greenville, Texas. Kingsbarn will contribute the land, building, and equipment to the JV, which will operate in the Company's 100-acre, rail-served, industrial park ("GreenZone Industrial Park") situated in a federally eligible Qualified Opportunity Zone ("QOZ"). The Company intends to meet the guidelines necessary to take full advantage of the tax benefits of the QOZ, which will fully vest after 10 years of continuous operations.

According to Jeff Pori, CEO of Kingsbarn, "The global demand for potassium chloride is growing. According to the research firm FMI, the global market for this chemical product will increase from $12.6B (2020) to $16.5B by 2030. Additionally, the market for potassium chloride is fairly fragmented with a small number of players controlling 95% of the overall market."

"We were very impressed with Fusible's management team," opined Russell Lewis, a co-investor in the project with Kingsbarn. "Fusible's leadership has over 100 years of combined experience in the operations, sales, and engineering in the production of high-quality products for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries."

About Kingsbarn Realty Capital

Kingsbarn Realty Capital is a real estate, private equity, and development firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kingsbarn structures its real estate investment opportunities for both fractional 1031 investors as well as providing customized portfolio solutions for large-scale investors. Kingsbarn's management team has wide-ranging experience developing, managing, operating, and sponsoring a diversified portfolio of stabilized, income-driven properties. Kingsbarn has acquired and currently operates over $800 million of commercial real estate throughout the United States. In 2020, Kingsbarn Capital and Development was founded as the company's development arm to expand its product offerings for investors to include ground-up development of real estate assets and to fund operating companies who require real estate solutions across the United States.

About Fusible Innovations Inc.

Fusible Innovation Inc. is a privately held company involved in the chemical manufacturing of potassium chloride and metaphosphoric acid for sale to various food, pharmaceutical, and chemical distributors. The company currently operates in Johntown, Texas, until such time as the new facility in Greenville, Texas, is constructed and ready for occupancy. Fusible Innovations has a proprietary manufacturing process designed to provide optimum operating efficiencies to produce the highest caliber products in full compliance with cGMP guidelines.

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