KingsArts Introduces New Platform, Brings USA Easy Access to Thousands of the Best Chinese Contemporary Art Pieces

The art trading platform's newest "Triangle Engine" is being used by Art Advisors, Art Executives, and Art Professionals. Designed to assist both artists and collectors.


KingsArts is setting a new standard for the Chinese Contemporary Art Market, breaking the iceberg to allow people to easily find thousands of great Chinese contemporary artworks. Through its unique Triangle Promotion Engine, contemporary art trading platform KingsArts aims to offer strategic promotion through online and offline marketing advancement services targeting U.S. markets. The new app provides artists with both e-infrastructure and art cultivation opportunities. It also promotes quality art and cultural education for collectors interested in learning more about contemporary Chinese art. 

As contemporary art sales continue to bottleneck, marketing costs are rapidly increasing. This has made it difficult for artists and collectors to respectively produce and secure the true value of contemporary art. In an effort to promote the globalization of Chinese contemporary artwork, KingsArts' Triangle Promotion Engine will serve as a promotional resource that relies on an open price model and high transparency to support local artists and collectors. 

The Triangle Promotion Engine is led by Art Professionals, Executive Art Advisors and Art Advisors. The Art Advisor communicates and integrates the life philosophy of artists and collectors. The Executive Art Advisor is responsible for team development, training, evaluation, leading the team, marketing promotion and finding a potential artist for the market. The Art Professional analyzes and resolves the management culture of complex art, observes professional ethics in business and financial management and thus provides new standards and norms.

Artists can use the KingsArts app to safely store digital work, resumes and videos. All works can be listed on the KingsArts database for quotation, and each listing receives an official global certification from an outside agency working in collaboration with KingsArts. Thanks to KingsArts' simple, direct and transparent marketplace, collectors can effectively identify artwork within the comprehensive KingsArts database that fits their respective budgets. Through KingsArts, advisors can study art history, market information, price and value information, and learn to become a curator to enhance their personal portfolio.

Dr. Raymond Wong, founder of KingsArts, has constructed a powerful management team to accelerate this U.S.-focused initiative in 2022 and beyond. Dr. Wong is the chairman of Champ Pro Management Limited and works with over 3,500 financial planning consultants. In 2018, he graduated from Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Sotheby's School of Art, with a master's degree in Art Management.

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About KingsArts

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the international base for global markets, KingsArts aims to promote the globalization of Chinese contemporary artworks and to support the maximization of art collectors. KingsArts looks to deliver on this vision through high transparency, an open price model, as well as its unique Triangle Promotion Engine.

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About The Greater Bay Hong Kong Arts Exchange Center Company Limited

Our Mission is to promote the globalization of Chinese contemporary artwork and to support local artists and collectors.

As the traditional art Sale & marketing market continues to bottleneck, the marketing cost is extremely high and addicts the true value of artists and collectors. To defend the art worth of all involved parties we introduce a "triangle engine" to offer strategic promotion through online and offline marketing advancements.

We Build a transparent and innovative business model for all parties including artists, art investors, and art collectors. We are setting up a new standard for the art market, breaking the iceberg to find the gem.

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