Kingfisher Medical Launches New, Life-Saving Xtract®SR Rescue Litter

Xtract®SR Rescue Litter

Very rarely do new product innovations solve so many existing issues with one new product launch, but that is exactly what has happened at Kingfisher Medical with the release of the new Xtract®SR rescue litter.

"Today marks a day that has been many years, and thousands of miles in the making, but all of the work has paid off with the Xtract SR, which not only protects the patient that is being extracted, but also the responders themselves," said Bob Otter, Vice President, Kingfisher. "We know this will save countless lives, and it's ready to be deployed immediately."

Developed to quickly move a patient from hostile or austere environments, the Xtract SR provides a cocoon for the patient so they can be lifted, or pulled across challenging terrain without compromising patient or provider safety.

"For first responders, on battlefields, in disaster recovery, literally anywhere injured patients need to be transported, the Xtract SR provides more comfort through a padded base, warmth to the patient through cocooning, and a neutral airway position," added Otter.  "Plus the new design can actually reduce fatigue and potential injury for the care giver by being lighter to transport to and from the scene, and also by transferring the patients' weight to the extractors' larger muscle groups in the legs and shoulders.  When used properly, the kit should even reduce extraction times."

Kingfisher Medical has targeted the new Xtract SR to a wide marketplace that includes, but is not limited to paramedics, law enforcement, military medics, SWAT units, fire and rescue, beach patrols, wilderness rescue, correction officers, disaster response teams, and more.

According to Otter, "The sister product to the Xtract SR, the Xtract®2, has actually been battlefield tested, pressed into action as the frontline stretcher system for the British Army, and it carries a National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) rating. It was important to all of us that we got this right because so much is at stake, and we're proud to say that finally, there is a better way."

Based in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Kingfisher Medical is a rapidly-emerging leader in the emergency response industry with over a half century of combined expertise on the leadership team.

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