Killer Journalists Attack the Man of Peace

An outrageous incident has recently taken place in Ukraine. The world's largest ALLATRA International Public Movement (members and participants of which live in more than 180 countries of the globe) has been slandered and coarsely attacked by mercenary killer journalists who discredit the honor of the global journalist community and abase human dignity, being ready to sell their own God for 30 pieces of silver.

Igor Danilov

​​​​​​​Moreover, these dishonorable and dishonest people, disgracing the journalist title before the entire world, have caused a real danger of death for Igor Danilov whom people in many countries call the Man of Peace, the Mahatma, the Great Soul, just like Mahatma Gandhi was called in his times in India. For millions of people all over the globe, Igor Danilov is an example of Honor and Conscience, a hope for the future of light and justice, an inspirer of peaceful global social initiatives and changes in the world community.

ALLATRA International Public Movement is a unique all-people’s movement where people themselves use their leisure, off-work time to successfully implement a totally new format of communication, consolidation and interaction with other people all over the world, being guided by the principles of good and justice. The ALLATRA global movement implicitly complies with the principle of cultural diversity of nations, humanistic, democratic ideals and values, and is engaged in social, cultural and moral activities all over the world.

The foul sponsored persecution carried out by killer journalists started after the public appearance of Igor Danilov: being Christian himself, he publicly supported the true Islam (reconciliation) and unity of all people on the planet. Such actions of the killers who call themselves “journalists” disgrace this profession important and necessary for the mankind. After all, while carrying out his/her activities, a decent journalist must respect the lawful rights, interests, honor and dignity of citizens and organizations, verify the trustworthiness of received information and, first and foremost, be a Human.

When the aforesaid fact became publicly known, it drew a wide response in the global community and promoted this letter emergence. The purpose of this letter is to consolidate all honest people across the world, including respectable journalists, for whom Honor, Conscience and Humaneness represent more than just a talk. The letter is intended to unite those who support distribution of true information in the world, based on the principles of justice, spiritual and moral values.

For as long as evil, unfairness and human spirit degradation exist in the world, the global community will always address the primary sources of peace and good, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Igor Danilov, in order to assert the human dignity. “We are all human beings, and all of us have the same place of living – the Earth, one nationality ‒ mankind, one common value ‒ life, thanks to which we can worthily attain self-fulfilment and the meaning of our existence in the highest spiritual and moral aspect” (extract from the ALLATRA International Public Movement report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”).

Good begets Good!

ALLATRA International Public Movement, USA Representative participant

Maureen Cerey​


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