KiiBOOM Unveils Revolutionary New Mechanical Keyboard: Blending Design Innovation With Customizability

Devoted to bringing fashion and aesthetic products to the world, KiiBOOM launches the latest mechanical keyboard series that embraces the aesthetic and functionality – The Loop series

KiiBOOM is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Loop Keyboard. This groundbreaking product is engineered for avid tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, delivering unprecedented functionality in a compact form.

Blending Innovation with Aesthetic

The KiiBOOM Loop series boasts a compact layout, ensuring a minimal footprint without compromising on functionality. Delve into mechanical keyboards, customization is what cannot be overlooked. The KiiBOOM Loop series keyboard embraces the aesthetic and functionality by its availability in compatibility with open-programming source QMK/VIA. KiiBOOM Loop series has Loop 65 and Loop 75 prepared. Being customizable with QMK/VIA, Loop 65 and Loop 75 ensures a seamless workflow while containing the desk setup aesthetic.

Aluminum Block Structure with Anodized Finish

The Loop series keyboard is constructed with 6063 Aluminum finished by anodization technique. This finishing maintains the metallic texture while staying true to the original color. The KiiBOOM Loop series keyboard is designed in a block structure, with 2 different color combinations joined together. This aesthetic and innovative design subtly adds enjoyment to the mechanical keyboard. Furthermore, the keyboard is equipped with the cherry profile dye-sub PBT keycap set in a gradient color scheme, creating a lively and distinctive outlook. 

Hot-swappable PCB in Gasket Structure with Sound Dampening Materials

Customization is an indispensable feature of a mechanical keyboard. The KiiBOOM Loop series keyboard is undoubtedly equipped with a hot-swappable PCB so that users can easily swap switches to have the customization experience without the soldering issue. Combining the bouncy gasket structure with a flex-cut Fr4 plate, the keyboard offers superior key sound and typing comfort. Filled with various sound-dampening materials, the keyboard performance has been significantly enhanced. 

Triple-mode Connectivity Accompanied by 4000mAh Battery

The KiiBOOM Loop series keyboard excels at multitasking across different operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS, offering a seamless user experience. The Loop 65 model features a robust 4,000mAh battery that provides long-lasting power and exceptional endurance. Additionally, the KiiBOOM Loop keyboard offers versatile triple-mode connectivity options: wired USB, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless. Its Bluetooth capability enables the keyboard to connect with up to three devices at the same time

Price and availability

To give back the heartfelt support, the KiiBOOM team has released a $1 Reservation Card for Loop 65. Users who bought the card will get a free puller tool and a voucher that is valued at $10 The voucher can be used to purchase the product when the keyboard is officially launched.

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