Kickstarter Launched to Save Music of Darrell 'Dr D' Vernum

Darrell Vernum Lost Records Kickstarter

Darrell Vernum by Jude Goldman

To help prevent the life's work of Darrell Vernum from being purged permanently online, Richard Allen, the owner of, created a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is called Darrell Vernum Lost Records and more information is available at

Darrell Vernum, a great local artist from Schenectady, NY and later Austin, TX, was part of the Mohonasen High School class of 1987 where he was a featured performer and drum major in the fine arts programs of Mr. David Bournazian. Darrell Vernum performed, recorded, and taught music later in life and also played music with his bands Is, Sense, and The Infidels. In December 2020 Darrell Vernum died in Austin, TX and on May 16, 2023, a few days after what would have been his 54th birthday, some of his online accounts were deactivated due to inactivity and this made his life's work inaccessible.

Darrell was a lifelong archivist of his own musical performances and he backed them up in "the cloud" when he was not actively working on improving them digitally. This digital archive includes live and in studio music recordings, photography, writing about his work and who participated in it, and writing about music theory and music education. One of the cloud companies Darrell archived his work to has agreed to work with Richard Allen on saving what can be saved using their process for accessing the data of deceased individuals. The work required to accomplish this involves Richard Allen acquiring a legal writ per the specifications of the cloud company.

Richard Allen was a frequent collaborator of Darrell 'Dr D' Vernum for almost three decades and frequently participated in Darrell Vernum's bands, Is, Sense, and The Infidels from the mid 1990s on. also hosted the first webpage home of the Daring Ventures Multimedia company Darrell Vernum formed to advertise his professional services and release work to the public. After Darrell died, Richard Allen began helping Dr D's father and sole heir, Walter Vernum, to archive Darrell's recordings and images. This process became more complicated when in August 2022 Walter Vernum died in Rotterdam, NY.

The remaining data in "the cloud" will soon be deleted. Watch the video available at the Darrell Vernum Lost Records Kickstarter campaign created by Richard Allen at Register and become a backer so that his work can be shared with the world soon. See visual work by Darrell Vernum (including Dr D sketches, paintings, and written words plus Dr D modelling work photographed by Jude Goldman) now at The Moon & River Cafe at 115 S Ferry St, Schenectady, NY 12305 until the end of March.

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