'Kickless' Longboard Dokido Offering Early Bird Special on Indiegogo Campaign

The Dokido, a sustainable, user-friendly innovation on the “Kickless” (self-propelling) longboard, is the perfect portable workout. In their Indiegogo campaign, the creators are offering a 26% discount on the board.​

The American-Japanese inventor Kaz Kumada created the first Dokido prototype in November 2017. He has since gone on to refine the design up to March 2019, rigorously ensuring that the Dokido is the innovation he had always visualized. In Japanese, the name Dokido translates to "the way of synchronization." Aptly named, the Dokido relies on user-friendly balancing motions to propel the board forward. This practice is not only fun and accessible, but it's also a fantastic workout for people of all ages.

Shaped similarly to a longboard, with only one rear wheel, the Dokido operates with the same weight-shifting method seen in many professional sports and workouts. All a user needs to do is to shift their weight forward and back, using the Kunekune Taiso, a brain-science-based nervous system training recognized in Japan for helping prevent the joint pain and weakening that comes with aging. This is why the Dokido is a great way to lose weight, relieve stress, stimulate the nervous system, and gain strength in the legs and knees. It even solved the knee problem of its inventor at age 56.

One of the standout features of the Dokido is its sustainability and eco-friendly design. Expertly constructed by hand, the board is made of eight layers of bamboo, along with a carbon fiber bottom layer. This ensures that the design is both durable and sustainable. The rest of the build (wheels, bumpers, etc.) is made of aluminum and polyurethane, which are drastically more eco-friendly than their usual counterparts.

The goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to raise $3,000 from crowdfunding. This money will go into supporting the final few steps of refining the design and manufacturing more boards. While pledges of all amounts are deeply appreciated, this campaign is currently offering two separate pledge tiers.

The first is the Dokido Early Bird Special, for pledges of $549+, which comes with one Dokido board, 26% off the suggested retail price. The second tier is for pledges of $599+, saving contributors with its 20% discount. With international shipping and delivery in April 2020, there's no better time to order a Dokido board than now, advises Kumada.

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