Kickboxing Club Fitness Launches LIVE Virtual & Outdoor Functional Training & Fitness Kickboxing Classes

"It's like being in a real class!" members say of the Live Form & Technique Coaching

Kickboxing Club Fitness - Functional Training

Whether you’re a pro athlete or someone who’s never attended a group workout, we have a class for you! Choose from a variety of fun Kickboxing and Functional Training workouts and join hundreds of members Online or Outdoors for live classes:

Aside from the many known strengthening and cardio benefits of the full-body workouts offered, members of the KBXC community boast about the mental health benefits as well.

“I’m so much more confident. Everyone here is so motivating and so loving and you all become a family, instructors and other members,” says KBXC member Desiree. “Kickboxing has changed my life.”

Virtual Membership | $39/Month Unlimited Access* | 7-Day Trial for $5
*Also includes Restorative Yoga classes

Outdoor Classes | $25 per Class or $140/Month Unlimited Membership
$15 for Two Classes & Free Gloves

Virtual classes offer the unique opportunity to work out from the comfort of your home with all of the motivational and technique correction benefits that you would get from an in-person class. While one instructor performs full-body workouts to follow along to, the other looks at each member’s form, giving live feedback and encouragement throughout.

“Cassidy and Eric do a fantastic job of changing up the workouts daily, and focusing on full-body workouts, says Nichole. The Live aspect gives you the energy and camaraderie, similar to being at the class in person. It motivates me to work out hard because I know I can be called out at any time!”

Outdoor classes offer a fun in-person experience and supportive community that keeps members motivated. Plus, the large space allows for a safe enough distance from others to workout mask-free!

Benefits of Kickboxing, Functional Training & HIIT include:

Cardio Fat-Burn | Increased Range of Motion | Improved Posture | Increased Endurance


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