Khilonewala, India's No.1 Toy Library Launches Its First Centre in Nagpur!

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Khilonewala, the India’s no. 1 toy library has recently launched their new centre in Nagpur, India. The company basically hailing its roots from Indore, (M.P) has made a massive surge and tremendously gained immense popularity in the rental toy world by successively launching its centers across India, where in Nagpur it would be the first centre of the company. The company is well known and highly recognized for its worthy efforts for kids aged between 1 to 12 years, where they avail them with toys on rent basis for particular period of time at economical rates.

Khilonewala’s new centre launched in Nagpur, India has a wonderful assortment of newly packed branded toys that are care-crafted by leading toy designers of India and abroad, keeping in mind the peculiarities of developmental, cognitive and learning skills any child needs for the growth. The indoor and outdoor toy range is a special selection by the company’s managing team which directly aids in laying a strong foundation for children and has changed the way they grow and learn.

The company’s primary objective is to make their toys, Games, Books and CD’s available to India’s every kid who is devoid of using costlier toys and in order to fulfill their dream and mushroom their beautiful concept for child’s inner development they are offering franchisee opportunities to people of India that involves small investment and zero competition and in turn, gives away a sack of profit which includes high business returns, availability of all material needed to set up the franchise, fully extended business support, free marketing and many more.

Additionally, the company is very peculiar about the safety standards of the toy and they always keep a check or a physical inspection if or not the toys are delivered considering full cleanliness and hygiene. Renting toys from them is an ideal solution and an eco friendly concept that allows parents to provide creative and stimulating toys to their kids without disturbing their monetary and home space constraints. 

Khilonewala’s spanking and attractive website is impeccably designed with a theme of children’s favorite toys and cartoons, which is the main fascination for every child today visiting it. It is very user-friendly to let you understand the successive steps to rent toys and to understand their lucrative franchise business in India for those who want to make a start with them.

Khilonewala is extremely thrilled and joyous to expand their business opportunities across India and are hopefully looking for partners to form a symbiosis with them and spread the beautiful concept of toy rental library in India and across the world. For more information about their online toy library feel free to visit them at: or contact them at + 91-98935 63400 or email them at:

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