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With a dynamic team of talented designers, developers, programmers & marketing professionals, KEYSOME, a digital communications channel, is establishing new standards in relevance that deliver benefits using creative marketplace to both small-medium businesses and startups. 

KEYSOME is a well-established marketing agency based in Chennai, India. "We build from what we know the best. The challenge of transforming a raw idea to a real product excites us immensely. We understand how critical it is to communicate well and set expectations right. Getting a proper branding for a product is 50% work done. KEYSOME is such a team that pursues sustainable ambitions and focusing on long-term growth over short-term profitability," said Ms. Priya, Purchasing Manager for KEYSOME. "The new KEYSOME marketplace for brands provides an enhanced user experience for startups looking to buy a new, relevant services. KEYSOME delivers fundamental elements of "value proposition" for brands that address 4 kinds of needs — functional, emotional, life-changing, and social impact. We have simplified the process to help startups efficiently find and acquire DNs that boost their online presence."

The entire portfolio of industry-specific DN brands are monitored for threats, including trademarks, malware, pharming, phishing and botnets, which measures help to ensure any deliverables purchased through KEYSOME, are safe, relevant and secure, giving consumers peace of mind when researching and transacting online. 


KEYSOME is a marketing, publishing, consulting & branding services venture with a difference. Based in Chennai, India, KEYSOME is a digital marketing & web advertising services marketplace that specializes in building web platforms people enjoy using. KEYSOME constantly updates marketing news on their website, and also features a new blog, where important industry information, tips and best practices are shared to help provide education on the value of relevant marketing. KEYSOME primarily works with startups and small-medium business. The team has mentored students working on product ideas toward workable prototypes. With an agile team of specialists who support the project on tasks such as website design, eCommerce, content, strategy and marketing, KEYSOME specializes in bespoke website design and development — from initial planning to deployment. Visit KEYSOME.COM

About the Company 

Open Brace is an exclusive provider of information technology, business consulting, enterprise software applications, and business process services. Open Brace is a software products publishing and consulting firm that specializes in creating digital solutions, infrastructure and applications management services with focus on SAP® products. Based in Chennai, India, Open Brace is a certified SAP® Startup Focus startup & part of HANA Development Accelerator Program. The company provides consulting services for enterprise use-cases on data science, artificial intelligence, and enterprise business applications.

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