Kersia Ireland Are Pleased to Announce Better Disinfection With Longer-Lasting Impact

Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections Just Got a Little Easier

Newly published data shows that Kersia Ireland's disinfectants have the ability to continuously protect patients from bacteria on fomites for up to 24 hours after application. The best disinfectant just got better.

There are many disinfectants on the market with a range of kill claims; few of them have the broad spectrum of efficacy demonstrated by NaDCC tablets. From endospore-forming bacteria and bacteria in biofilms to Mycobacteria and enveloped viruses, NaDCC has shown the ability to simply say "yes, we kill that." In addition to being highly effective, NaDCC is relatively safe to ship and use, especially compared to the other broad-spectrum disinfectants. Now, the best just got a little better.

A peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Kelly Renolds published in TIPS Journal ( shows that NaDCC has a persistent action on a surface, continuing to kill bacteria on a surface after the product has dried. That persistent action may last as long as 24 hours after application, meaning the daily disinfection provides prolonged protection for the room occupant. The study, published in the June TIP Journal, shows that even endospore bacteria such as Clostridiodies difficile will have a 4 log reduction after 24 hours.

Michael Gately, Managing Director of Kersia Ireland, commented, "We believe this is another significant step forward in providing patients protection from hospital-acquired infection; reducing the risk of fomites in the hospital is a key component of any infection-control program."

On June 22, TIPS will be hosting an educational webinar — "Understanding Surface Disinfection and Continuously Active Disinfectants" — with speakers Kelly Reynolds, PhD, The University of Arizona, and Rodney Rhodes, PhD. CE credits provided. For more information, go to

ABOUT KERSIA MEDICAL/MEDENTECH: Kersia manufactures ranges of high-level broad-spectrum NaDCC disinfectant tablets used in hospitals globally to kill harmful viral and bacterial pathogens on surfaces. Kersia products Klorsept and Klorkleen 2 are included in the EPA N list of products that meet EPA's criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 and are approved by EPA as fast and effective against surface biofilm and C. diff spores. For more information, visit

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