Kerr Dental's Nexus™ RMGI Offers Smart Response Ion Technology to Help Prevent Secondary Caries

Featuring the Smart Response Ion Technology, Nexus™ RMGI has been proven to offer a sustained ion release that helps prevent secondary caries.

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Kerr Dental announces the relaunch of Nexus RMGI, a resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement featuring Smart Response Ion Technology. The first RMGI available with advanced NexusTM Technology, Nexus RMGI is formulated for easy cleanup, outstanding bond strength, great color stability, and provides sustained ion release to help prevent secondary caries.

Since its original launch in 2013, NexusTM RMGI has been known for its proprietary One-Peel™ Cleanup that simplifies cleanup during the luting process - making it the cement of choice for many dental professionals. Kerr Dental customers will be pleased to learn that in addition to being easier to use, recent studies have shown that the NexusTM RMGI also offers sustained ion release that can help prevent secondary caries. 

Featuring Kerr's Smart Response Ion Technology, the NexusTM RMGI is formulated for a sustained release of fluoride, as well as calcium and zinc in acidic environments, thus providing antibacterial properties to help prevent secondary caries.

Lea Pagaduan, Senior Marketing Manager at Kerr Dental, says, "Doctors want to have confidence that an RMGI will continue to perform well after restoration placement. The Smart Response Ion Technology gives doctors that confidence, making Nexus RMGI the cement of choice to help protect against secondary caries." 

Pagaduan continued, "NexusTM RMGI also features easy clean-up and a dual-adhesive system that provides 50-80% greater bond strength relative to other leading brands for metal and zirconia crowns." 

Features like Smart Response Ion Technology, One-Peel Cleanup, and the highest bond strength combined in Nexus RMGI provide doctors with a luting cement that helps them work faster and with greater confidence in the outcomes.

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