Kent Younce, Tennessee Election Chairman, Lauds Record Early Voting

Kent Younce praises work of Tennessee Division of Elections that helped set a new record for early and absentee voting.

Kent Younce, who recently began serving as Chairman of the Tennessee State Election Commission, praised the work of the state's Division of Elections that resulted in a new record for early and absentee voting. Younce was responding to Secretary of State Tre Hargett's announcement yesterday that early voting for the August 2nd ballot shattered the state's previous record of 217,441 early and absentee votes in August 2008. By end of day Saturday, when early voting ended, 326,876 voters had cast their ballots.

In an interview today Younce said, "We are very proud of this turnout. It shows that our work to inform voters of their rights, and ensure that every citizen has the ability to get out and vote, is paying off. This is a great day, and I would like to personally thank all of the hardworking people who serve on election boards across the state."

In a release yesterday, Secretary of State Hargett stated, "For the last year, our Division of Elections has conducted an unprecedented voter outreach effort. This campaign was launched to help educate people about Tennessee's new photo ID law. Not only have election officials at the state and the county level done a good job in informing people about that law, but they have also raised awareness about this year's elections. We see that reflected in these record early voting numbers."

Younce urged voters to "Remember to bring a state- or federally-issued photo ID to the polls to vote tomorrow. Examples of acceptable forms of ID, whether current or expired, include driver licenses, U.S. passports, Department of Safety photo ID cards, U.S. military photo IDs and other state or federal government photo ID cards." He pointed out that, "College student IDs and library cards are not acceptable. If you do not have a photo ID, you will not be turned away. You will receive a provisional ballot, and will need to return to the local election commission office within two days with appropriate ID for the provisional ballot to be counted."

When asked recently about his appointment as chairman of the State Election Commission, Younce said, "I am very honored to serve as chairman, especially in this important election year. By serving on the commission, I can help make sure that everyone's vote is counted and that voters' rights are protected. I want to do everything I can to see that the integrity of election process continues for generations to come." Although this is his first term as chairman, Mr. Younce has served on the seven-member election commission since 2008.

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