Kenny G Joins 100 Musical Greats From 16 Countries in New Song 'Quarantine Music Chain'

Inspired by Composer Imre Czomba in response to the COVID/quarantine impact on the music industry, the song and music video 'Quarantine Music Chain' #QuarantineMusicChain is a global gift - from musicians of the world.

#QuarantineMusicChain - Kenny  G joins 100 musicians from 16 counties

The music industry, like many others, is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. As uncertainly has grown, renowned composer Imre Czomba was inspired to create something inspiring and uplifting. Calling on his home-bound friends, he urged them to take part in a quarantined worldwide jam session, the results are incredible! Watch:

Within hours of Czomba's first calls, the Quarantine Music Chain #QuarantineMusicChain ignited - attracting attention from international music sensations around the world including Michael O'Neill (Barbra Streisand Band, George Benson), Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Santana), Ed Calle (Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton), Andrew Kestler (Accent), Richie Garcia (Phil Collins Band), and Sophie Cairo (La Bouche).

"I started with the first four bars of music, which my composer friends continued as a chain reaction, creating their own four bars. Musicians and singers added the melodies -  all from their own homes. We all felt the need to create something beautiful in the eye of this darkness," said Imre Czomba.

Now, one month later, Czomba's extraordinary production is ready. Czomba shares, "we give it as a gift to the world, from the musicians of the world."

Musicians, singers, and composers from (16) nations, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Japan, China, Egypt, Norway, France, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Israel, and Italy contributed to the Quarantine Music Chain.

As the chain grew, so did the musical stars including Grammy-winning Jazz saxophonist Kenny G; Grammy winner Michael Lehmann Boddicker (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, We Are The World); Global Music Award-winning composer Stefano Sacchi, and Adonis Tsilimpari (NCIS: Los Angeles; CSI: NY); plus Hungarian stars including Fecó Balázs, Gyula Papp, Opera Singer Erika Miklósa, Kornél Horváth, and Zoltán Lantos.

The full list of the participants of the Quarantine Music Chain: 

Imre Czomba 

Erik Kovacs

Gergely Paradi

Peter Kaszas

Sara Andon

Fanni Sarkozy

Erika Kadi

Alphonso Johnson

Andras Mach

Tamás Mészáros

Bence Gazda


Sophie Cairo

Gábor Molnár

Tamas Keller

Balazs Antal

Laszlo Pete

Bence Vavra

Eva Bognar

Massimo Sami

Peter Sutto

Barnabás Wodala

Georgina Tarjani

Gyula Elias

Igor Kogan

Miklós Németh

Tamas Pal

Henriett Czerovszky

Akira Komatsu

Gergely Kolta

Andrew Kesler

Tamas Bolba

Andras Sturcz

Michael O’Neill

Andrea Hammond

Gergely Tar

Istvan Elek

Alphonso Johnson

Tomas Valicek

Attila Juhasz

Mihaly Bajusznacs

Gabor Dornyei 

Levi da Cruz

Alphonso Johnson

Gyula Toth

Adrienn Feher

Richard Revesz

Zoltan Lantos

Balazs Vegh

Gabor Feher

Ed Calle

Kornel Horvath

Tibor Fekete

Patricia Bartus

Richie Garcia

Gabor Horvath

Gabor Nagysomlyosi

Matias Piegari

Tibor Fonay

Gyula Papp

Ferenc Csiszar

Dom Aiken

Matyas Molnar

Erika Miklosa

Barbara Sardy

Csaba Bese

Laszlo Mezo

Matyas Ivan Toth

Mark Smythe

Arthur Grosz

Jeno Tarczal

Stefano Sacchi

Zoltan Kiss

Chris Tedesco

Adam Andras Horvath

Tina Wang

Daniel Gerendas

Rachel O'Connor

Peter Papesh

Nathalie Bonin

Andrea Valsecchi

Ferenc Szabo

Adonis Tsilimparis

Szilard Balanyi

Eszter Biro

Bernat Babicsek

Istvan Perger

Tamara Miller

Charles Brotman

Nathan Finkelstein


Philippe Falliex

Zoltan Czutor

Peter Gerendas

Jamie Lee Wilson

Bario Auguszt

Omar El-Deeb

Feco Balazs

Kenny G

Michael Lehmann Boddicker

Shalev Alon

About Imre Czomba:  

Imre Czomba is lauded, composing the Hungarian blockbuster movie Kolcsonlakás, while he captured Hollywood's eye with his composition for Argo 2.​ Now living in Los Angeles, he has written music for nearly 70 films and television shows. 

All inquiries, please contact 

Source: Imre Czomba


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