Ken Sutiak Wants to Help Others Donate Their Guns and Increase Gun Awareness

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Shocked and saddened by the events, Ken Sutiak decided he should get involved locally with gun awareness campaigns that can help prevent tragedies like the one in Las Vegas.

As a long time owner of firearms, he decided to make the first step. He got rid of his own guns. "After seeing what took place in Las Vegas, it's time for people to be smart about firearms and the people who have them," says Ken Sutiak.

This isn't about gun control. This is about safety in the home and to give people a way to dispose of their guns.

Ken Sutiak

Furthermore, many critics say that Americans should own guns to defend themselves. Not all firearm owners are violent. Sutiak thinks we should be more selective when it comes to who can buy a gun.

When Sutiak decided to give up his firearms, he realized he cannot give it to anyone or sell it to a dealer who might resell it to someone who has bad intentions. Instead, he had to come up with a better plan to make sure his firearm didn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Ken Sutiak spoke with the authorities and decided to give the gun to the police. This way, gun owners who want to get rid of their guns are sure that they won’t sell their belongings to a dealer who just wants to make a quick buck and sell it to anyone who needs one.

"I wanted to come up with a way to not only sell my firearms but to also help a worthy cause," says Ken Sutiak.

The local police department wants to make sure that the people who no longer want to own guns can sell their guns to trusted dealers and have an opportunity to use the money for a good cause.

Choosing the right dealer who runs background checks is very important for the safety of the local community. This is why you should contact local authorities when you no longer want to be a gun owner. They can tell you which stores and dealers are trustworthy.

The “Safe Communities” initiative will kick off at an event in front of the police station this weekend. Anyone can give their guns away and use the money to donate to charity.

Ken Sutiak does want to highlight the fact that he is not opposed to owning guns. He simply felt that he does not need one. This is more about not selling guns to people who have bad intentions.

"This isn't about gun control. This is about safety in the home and to give people a way to dispose of their guns."

Ken Sutiak is proud to be part of an initiative that will make a positive change in his community. He looks forward to what he can do next for his hometown.

Most noteworthy, at the event, the local authorities will also hand out free gun locks.

If you need somewhere to turn in your guns, the Totowa Police Department will happily accept them. 

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