Ken Sutiak is One of the Millions of Americans Who Devotes His Time and Energy to the Well-Being of Animals All Over the Country.

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Ken Sutiak is one of the millions of Americans who devotes his time and energy to the well-being of animals all over the country. But this local man decided to take it a step further and get involved in fundraising and volunteering.

Sutiak takes pride in his efforts that helped many organizations raise money for the well-being of animals. He started off as a volunteer at The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), where he participated in the organization's activities for four hours per month over a three-month period.

It's great to see the numbers decline, knowing animals are finding homes and staying out of shelters.

Ken Sutiak

As an advocacy volunteer, Ken Sutiak learned how to draft letters to editors, organize advocacy events and meetings, and take care of the social media aspects of the campaign.

His to-do list doesn't end there. He also gathered information at public tabling opportunities and phoned banks in his efforts to find more shelters for the abandoned animals.

Ken Sutiak adds that what kept him going was the positive impact the advocacy campaigns had over the fate of many animals. "It's great to see the numbers decline, knowing animals are finding homes and staying out of shelters."

He is also a regular participant in meetings organized by the ASPCA, where he encourages others to join him and bring awareness to his fellow community members.

Sutiak says that participating in meetings is incredibly empowering. Seeing himself in a room filled with capable people dedicated to making the lives of abandoned animals easier gives him hope. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals holds the meetings only three times per year, but they are quite empowering and informative for volunteers who want to find out more about the next step and what actions can be taken.

The efforts of the organization also include supporting or opposing bills and encouraging the local communities to stand up for animal rights.

The role of the organization is to both inform advocates like Sutiak about concrete actions that can be taken and communicate with legislators in over 50 states to convince them to consider animal-friendly laws.

ASPCA also helps legislators by proposing legislative changes and proposals through their Advocacy Brigade. Sutiak explains the importance of communication with government members:

"Communicating with government members is an important step to helping animals around the country. Their voices need to be heard and we provide that voice for them. I have been focusing on companion animal issues and the programs associated with those type of animals and their owners."

The changes that organizations like ASPCA make are real and have a palpable impact on the fate of abandoned animals. The Humane Law Enforcement division in New York is the perfect example of how volunteers can make big changes. The division's role is to investigate cruelty against animals and promote animal rights.

The division also received attention in the mass media. Animal Planet chose to cover the story of the division in New York that fights against animal cruelty. Even though the mass media coverage has attracted a lot of attention, donations are still needed.

Ken Sutiak not only dedicates his time to ASPCA, but he is also a regular donor to the cause. He knows each donation, no matter how small it might be, is another step in the right direction.

Many shelters and services in the United States rely on donations to continue their work and take care of the animals until they find a loving home.

Ken Sutiak is also confident that things are headed in the right direction. The number of dogs and cats entering the country have declined since 2011, and more animals are now being adopted than ever.

The results and the impact ASPCA has on the lives of many animals makes Sutiak want to be more and more involved in the organization's efforts to bring awareness and come up with solutions for abandoned animals all over the country.

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