KEMA Labs Expands HVDC Testing, Fuels Energy Transition

KEMA Labs High Voltage Laboratory

KEMA Labs, the TIC Division of CESI Group, has enhanced its testing capabilities, significantly boosting the development of HVDC technology. With this expansion, KEMA Labs solidifies its position as a leading independent player in the HVDC Cable testing market, with over ten autonomous test bays globally.

A key aspect of this growth is the extensive refurbishment of KEMA Labs' synthetic laboratory in Milan. This venue is being meticulously reimagined to house three specialized HVDC test zones. These modernized spaces will feature cutting-edge HVDC voltage and current generators, automated control systems, and state-of-the-art impulse generators, representing the forefront of testing technology.

The added capacity is expected to enable more than 78,000 hours of cumulative testing, allowing for the qualification of up to nine different cable designs. Each cable will undergo a rigorous testing regimen in line with international standards, designed to simulate a 40-year lifespan under the most demanding technical conditions.

Moreover, KEMA Labs has recently participated in several significant HVDC projects, including the German Corridor project. In 2017, KEMA Labs performed four Prequalification Testing (PQ) on the German Corridor HVDC cable system, which is one of the longest and most powerful HVDC cable systems in the world. KEMA Labs has also tested several other HVDC cables over the past few years, contributing to the pioneering technology transformation requested by the TOV testing.

The total number of independently operated test bays increase to more than ten, making it the largest HVDC cable testing laboratory in the world.

Source: CESI Spa

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