Kelly Page Shares Must-Haves for Summer on Tips on TV Blog

Super Mom and Designer Kelly Page Has Timely Tips for Feeling Good and Creating Family Fun

Kelly Page on Summer Must-Haves

​There’s still a few more weeks of summer vacation. Lifestyle expert Kelly Page shares some timely tips and hacks for must-have items necessary for making the most of summer.


One of the most overlooked spots when applying sun protection is the lips - this delicate part of the skin is still susceptible to sun damage. ChapStick Moisture + Tint with SPF 15 is a must-have because it is a tinted lip balm and mineral sunscreen in one. Not only does it nourish your lips with a pretty tint of color, but it provides broad-spectrum SPF 15 protection, so enjoy time in the sun and look good while doing so! It’s available in three shades - Very Berry, Peachy Keen and Pretty in Pink - all made up of 100% naturally sourced ingredients to help hydrate and enhance lips.


HARIBO Gummies are a must-have: the iconic Goldbears, Starmix and Twin Snakes. There is a brand new, limited-edition gummi, Passport Mix, which has HARIBO gummies from countries around the world. HARIBO’s gummies are made with the highest-quality ingredients and are the perfect shareable treat to inspire childlike happiness this summer and all year-long. Find these treats at retailers nationwide. This year, HARIBO, the inventor of the gummi bear, is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a family-owned business. There are five flavors.


Summer Bridge Activities from Carson Dellosa is the #1 summer workbook series trusted by parents and teachers for over 25 years, designed to prevent summer learning loss with hands-on exercises that can be done anywhere, whether at the beach, backyard by the pool  or during a rainy day in as little as 15 minutes! The workbooks are available for Pre-K through Grade 8 for under $15. These workbooks include reading, writing, science social studies and math. There is goal-setting and hands-on projects.


With the Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer, feel better the moment it's plugged in. What makes it so effective is that the same virus-neutralizing ultra-violet light technology used in hospitals is now in a product safe for home use. The unit is designed so there is no direct exposure to the powerful light inside, making it safe for you, kids and pets. The Remington Airetrex 365 helps create peace of mind by reducing airborne germs, viruses and bacteria. It circulates air about six times per hour in a 10-by-10 room, keeping air sanitized as family and guests come and go. It does all of this while operating quietly and without emitting any harmful chemicals, so just plug it in and let it run the background night and day. Find it online at for under $200, plus free shipping.


Source: Tips on TV