Keeping It Local™ Transforms How Banks Work With Cardholder Data for Rewards

Keeping It Local™ a pioneer in Card-Linked-Offers for Community Banks, Credit Unions and Local Merchants announced the re-launch of its banking rewards platform with the upcoming release of its Cloud BI and Analytics tools, unveiling a LocalBank Rewards™ Program that transforms how banks work with cardholder purchasing data and local merchants.

​Keeping It Local™ a pioneer in Card-Linked-Offers for Community Banks, Credit Unions and Local Merchants announced the re-launch of its banking rewards platform with the upcoming release of its Cloud BI and Analytics tools, unveiling Keeping It Local™ Rewards Programs that transforms how banks work with cardholder purchasing data and how local merchants integrate with banks.

Keeping It Local™ is a new approach in BI. The Company re-designed the analytic experience to fit today’s demanding merchants and businesses, planning for a “merchants-in” vs. “pushing tools out” to merchant’s approach. Keeping It Local delivers an experience where every merchant becomes a producer, analytics reacts to purchasing data, and each local owner can also use his or her existing analytic tools.

Keeping It Local™ adapts to each merchant’s unique way of working with data, without fitting merchants into rigid user roles that stifle creativity. The Bank Cardholders Rewards User Experience includes updates to Keeping It Local Dashboards and Visual Discovery activity, including a Call-To-Action Offer (pre-designed), and introduces an Open Merchant Interface that enables merchants to continue with their preferred front-end tool, such as Microsoft Excel and to analyze a trusted source of data in Keeping It Local’s User Data Pod.

To ensure success in today’s bank rewards analytics landscape, banks and merchants must bring together centralized and decentralized teams to collaborate. This major shift enables centralized BI/IT teams to collaborate with user-led decentralized teams and recognizes that banks and merchants require different ways of working with data.

For instance, a merchant owner who regularly monitors cardholder analytics using dashboards may also need to switch to visual discovery activities that tap into bank cardholder activity allowing merchants to move beyond pie charts and bar graphs to more advanced visualizations such as heat maps and scatter plots that can render data in multiple dimensions. Or, perhaps the banks data analyst that primarily uses data discovery to explore cardholder information may need to rely on cardholder-focused dashboards.

In addition, other bank rewards providers often support a variety of analytical tools and require integration further complicating each situation. Allowing merchants and banks to use existing analytic tools on top of a complete and trusted source of data is key to enabling an analytics model that delivers agility with governance.

Furthermore, having a Business Intelligence solution that reacts with a combination of geographic, demographic, psychographic and merchant category codes so that key predictive analytics are available at the right time, to the right cardholder and at the right price; that’s what sets Keeping It Local apart from the competition.

“It took over 18 months of gathering transactional data, analyzing it and creating a well-defined computational procedure that takes cardholder transactional values, as input and produces a very well defined predictive value, the output” said Derek Higgins, CTO for Keeping It Local. “In addition the level of compliance required to handle banking transactional data is astronomical in today’s PCI compliant environment. For that it required us to provide service to a bank in a live environment for over 1-year.  We’re pleased to say that after 14 months of transmitting daily transactional data between ourselves, over 100 local merchants and our pilot bank, we had not one breach in data.”

The Reactive Merchant User Experience in Keeping It Local:

·       Turns every marketing merchant into an marketing producer: In contrast with other pushed solutions that offer different products and interfaces, Keeping It Local delivers an experience that breaks down the walls between banks and merchants with dashboards and visual discovery, enabling merchants to seamlessly transition between modes so they can consume cardholder insights and produce relevant offers.

o   Reacts to the merchant category code: An enhanced merchant experience that includes options depending on which category is selected by having access to cardholder critical information and gives merchants the ability to interact with cardholder data. Keeping It Local supports a “responsive offer,” which adjusts the presentation of the content in the offer selected by the merchant and delivers it to any consumer device (e.g. computer, iPad, mobile, etc).

§  Interoperability with existing front-end tools: A free merchant account with Keeping It Local extends a merchant’s existing prospect database. The Keeping It Local™  Rewards Interface enables merchants that have already adopted another front-end tool, such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau or R, to use their product of choice with Keeping It Local, giving them a trusted source of data to work with and delivers self-service without sacrificing governance.

“Keeping It Local is continuing to pioneer bank cardholders to merchant approach to transactions, BI and analytics. With Keeping It Local™ we are rethinking the merchant experience by focusing on how merchants interact with data instead of putting them in a rigid user role,” said, Jeremy Hilton, VP of Product Management. “Keeping It Local gives merchants an agile experience that reacts to their merchant-type, whether they are a service business requiring dashboards or a restaurant requiring visual discovery, for the manager and owners, and all against a trusted source of facts. ”

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About Keeping It Local
Keeping It Local is a pioneer in Card-Linked –Offers technology and now integrating Cloud BI and Analytics. The company helps local merchants and local banks & credit union’s make cardholder-marketing decisions better, every day, for every cardholder. Keeping It Local’s proprietary process and comprehensive BI platform sits on top of all cardholder spending data, to unify, refine and embed data consistently into every participating merchants rewards decision.  The new platform, “Keeping It Local” is schedule to debut a pilot program in June of 2016, in preparation for its re-launch with participating banks prior to the holidays of 2016. 

Source: Privado Media