Keep Your Boat Mold and Mildew Free This Summer With Eva-Dry

​Launch time has arrived and it is time to start preparing for the summer boating season. Boating is a wonderful, relaxing activity that can help kickoff summer. Remember before you head out on the waters, make sure you are not bringing along or taking home any uninvited guests, namely mold and mildew.

Stale, damp, and humid air is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and musty odors. The best way to fight these stowaways is to keep them from coming onboard in the first place. Here is a list of a few important tips to be proactive and prevent mold and mildew growth on your boat:

"Controlling mold and mildew can be a constant battle. By equipping your vessel with an Eva-Dry dehumidifier, you can keep your boat dry, while combating harmful mold and mildew growth."

Matthew Henson, Vice President of Business Development

  • One of the best tactics in preventing mold and mildew is to clean and dry your boat thoroughly after each use. Using a cleaner with bleach and a little elbow grease can go a long way. Be sure to wipe down everything inside and outside the boat to make sure that you are leaving your boat as dry as possible. This includes drying out life-jackets, cushions, sails, and so on.
  • To prevent mold and mildew, you need to ensure that your boat is well ventilated by keeping the hatches and cabin windows open. Small fans to circulate the cabin air will also help prevent mold from growing.
  • Control the humidity levels inside your boat and keep dampness away with a dehumidifier. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers are ideal for helping to reduce the harmful impact of moisture on your boat. They are environmentally friendly, compact, require no electricity, and are fully rechargeable.

Controlling mold and mildew can be a constant battle,” said Matthew Henson Vice President of Business Development for Eva-Dry. “By equipping your vessel with an Eva-Dry dehumidifier, you can keep your boat dry, while combating harmful mold and mildew growth.”

The Eva-Dry 500 and the Eva-Dry 333 are especially well-suited for boats, due to their small size and long life. The dehumidifiers work with a technologically-advanced silica gel which absorbs moisture safely, silently and without harmful chemicals. They are mess-proof, spill-proof and non-toxic. For additional moisture control in smaller areas, consider the compact and disposable E-150 Moisture Eliminator Pouches.

As summer boating season kicks into gear, be prepared to fight mold and mildew with a renewable dehumidifier from Eva-Dry. Bon voyage boaters!

About Eva Dry Dehumidifiers

Since 2003, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have earned their reputation as the safest, healthiest and most efficient method to reduce ambient moisture by providing a higher absorption rate than alternate disposable dehumidifying products. The compact, renewable Eva-Dry units reduce humidity to fight mold, moisture and mildew in homes, boats, RVs, safes, and other valuable item storage. Visit, or call (877) 382-3790 for more information.

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About Eva-Dry

For the past decade, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have been the most efficient way to gather moisture and have an absorption rate much higher than, more traditional (disposable) dehumidifying products on the market through the years and today.

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