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Peter Antonoplos, Esq.

Keep It Simple LLC announces the launch of its do-it-yourself (“DIY”) online estate planning platform Founded by trusts & estates attorney Peter D. Antonoplos, a graduate of Yale University School of Management and Georgetown University Law Center, addresses the many challenges posed by many other online estate planning sites.

Antonoplos runs a boutique trusts and estate planning and litigation firm based in Washington, D.C., servicing clients in the D.C. metropolitan area. On a daily basis, he represents clients litigating estate disputes over self-drafted online wills that went wrong. Antonoplos founded as a response to his clients’ demands for a “simple” solution to protect their children, their loved ones and their legacy. 

In the United States, an estimated 2.5 million people have not prepared a last will and testament. Like other DIY online legal services, allows an individual to prepare their will in the convenience of their home or office, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.  

Why did Antonoplos create a DIY competitor to his law practice? As Antonoplos described, “Not everyone needs a lawyer or can afford a lawyer.  An estate plan is one of the most important and intimate sets of documents a person will ever sign. We believe estate planning should be simple, accessible and affordable for everyone.” Priced at only $129, the basic estate planning package includes a Last Will and Testament, a Healthcare Power of Attorney and HIPAA Waiver, a Financial Power of Attorney and Final Burial Instructions.  Antonoplos believes so strongly in the product that he offers a 100 percent money back guarantee.

What is the SimplyWilled difference? Antonoplos explains, “Our product is different because it was created with the experience and knowledge of lawyers who actually litigate estates where self-drafted wills went wrong. We do not use forms, and we are not created by Silicon Valley tech incubators who pay lawyers after the fact to endorse their product. In looking at our competitors, I see impressive resumes but no practical understanding of how their products can go sideways. We are the only program written by practicing attorneys. While we can’t prevent every dispute, we do provide years of understanding of how self-drafted wills can cause problems and can help people get ahead of those problems. We know the pitfalls and have integrated our experience into our easy-to-use online interview designed to custom-tailor the estate planning product for each of our customers to the maximum extent made possible by technology.”

This difference shows in the quality of document produced by SimplyWilled.  “We hired legal review of all 51 jurisdictions to ensure compliance with the most cutting-edge laws. Wills and fiduciary laws are dynamically evolving across the country to meet the needs of current society. Our team tracks legislation in all jurisdictions to ensure our documents are up to date. For example, one area where the law is rapidly changing is with regard to a person’s digital assets, such as an email or social media account. Because not all states have enacted laws to allow a personal representative to access a person’s digital assets after death, our product allows our customers to elect to include this power. In reviewing our competitors’ products, they appear to offer outdated documents created under old laws that were reformed as recently as this month.”

SimplyWilled also provides more options for its customers than the competitor sites.

Antonoplos designed the product with his own needs in mind. “In my own family, I need to provide for my spouse, my minor children, an uncle with special needs, my dog, my alma mater, my businesses and my church. I want provisions in my will to take care of all of these considerations, so I designed SimplyWilled to include these topics.” And, unlike other sites, SimplyWilled allows customers the opportunity to make meaningful choices about their financial and healthcare powers of attorney, rather than just offering a pre-printed form with the purchase.

Finally, SimplyWilled offers a commitment to customers that it will never sell their personal data. Antonoplos cautions customers in the new digital market to consider that “free” sites may be receiving payment from third parties in exchange for their personal information. Antonoplos said, “Our customers pay for our product because we will not sell their personal information. Period.”  is a simple-to-use, powerful, online estate planning system designed to empower individuals. It has been engineered from the ground up to make the online estate planning as simple and user-friendly as possible while retaining the flexibility and sophistication consumers demand in a way that exceeds customer expectations. As Antonoplos described, “Consumers today are smarter, more sophisticated, and have more choices than ever before for their online DIY legal needs. Only a satisfied consumer can decide if they will be your customer for life. At SimplyWilled, we believe that to be worthy of such commitment we had to go beyond traditional online DIY legal services and offer the marketplace something new, something smart, something that makes the consumer’s life simple.”

Try today with a special 15 percent discount offer for new customers using promo code Launch2018 (valid through Sept. 31, 2018).

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