Keeco Continues to Successfully Enforce Its Hookless® Intellectual Property

Innovative home textiles company KEECO, LLC. announced today another very favorable judicial decision on its Hookless® brand intellectual property.

The decision follows a six-day federal trial against Kartri Sales Company, Inc., and Marquis Mills International Inc. (collectively, "Kartri"). The Court found that Kartri infringed three patents, two trademarks, and the trade dress rights in Hookless® brand products, by selling unauthorized shower curtains in violation of federal and state law. It issued an injunction against Kartri ordering them to desist from further infringement and unfair competition.

The Court ordered Kartri to pay Keeco's lost profits on all of Kartri's accused sales, and tripled the damages that Kartri must pay, in view of Kartri's willful infringement. Willful infringement was found from February 27, 2015 on, resulting in an award of approximately $3 million dollars.

The Court also invited briefing on Plaintiffs' claim for attorneys' fees, to be determined in the future. Keeco is seeking recovery of approximately $1.5 million dollars in attorneys' fees, and pre- and post-judgment interest on the verdict.

"We remain steadfast in our efforts to protect these game-changing innovations that have swept the market by storm," said Christopher Grassi, Chief Executive Officer of KEECO. "The Court's rulings reinforce the undeniable uniqueness of the Hookless® intellectual property. We will continue to vigorously enforce Keeco's rights, and to pursue and hold accountable those who copy the Hookless® designs."

Hookless® shower curtains are extensively protected by various forms of intellectual property, including rights to the Hookless® mark, and trade dress and design patents in the numerous Hookless® product designs. The looks of the Hookless® designs constitute protected trade dress, and may only be used under written license. Likewise, Hookless® is a federally registered trademark which may only be used by authorized licensees. 

About Keeco

Keeco is one of the largest pillow, comforter, mattress pad, shower curtain and furniture slipcover manufacturers and distributors in North America. You'll find Keeco products in the finest retailers, e-retailers and hotels in North America. We pride ourselves on using the best raw materials and world-class manufacturing facilities, and on having built an ethically responsible global sourcing network to ensure the best quality, price and widest assortment of products for customers and consumers.

Keeco is also the exclusive licensee of the Hookless® intellectual property for shower and window curtains in hospitality and retail, and is the owner of hospitality supplier FOCUS PRODUCTS GROUP INTERNATIONAL, LLC (formerly ARCS AND ANGLES, INC.), SURE FIT HOME PRODUCTS LLC, and HOLLANDER SLEEP PRODUCTS.

Ryan Erickson

Keeco, LLC


FOCUS PRODUCTS GROUP INTERNATIONAL, LLC is represented in the KARTRI/MARQUIS case by the law firm of Goldberg Cohen LLP:

Morris E. Cohen and Lee A. Goldberg, Partners - 646-380-2084 - 646-380-2087

Source: Keeco