KDAB Brings Its Software Services to the BlackBerry QNX Distributor and Value-Added Integrator Program

Customers to benefit from a trusted BlackBerry QNX integrator with deep, whole-stack expertise

KDAB, the Qt, OpenGL, and C++ experts, today announced that it has joined the BlackBerry QNX Distributor and Value-Added Integrator Program, a worldwide network of value-added integrators, distributors and reseller experts trained on QNX technology. Under the agreement, KDAB will provide integration and customization services for a range of BlackBerry QNX embedded software solutions in the automotive, biotech, medical, industrial, entertainment, government and consumer industries.

As the global leader in software consulting for architecture, design, and development of Qt, C++ and 3D/OpenGL applications, KDAB has been a BlackBerry QNX partner for many years. For example, KDAB worked on adding Qt support to the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, which included training the QNX CAR engineers, creating the initial Qt® integration and implementing the product’s showcase UI. In addition, KDAB implemented Qt® for the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, the BlackBerry 10 OS and maintained the Qt port on the QNX Neutrino RTOS. KDAB also created Photon migration tools and services to help QNX customers migrate their GUI to Qt when the Photon micro-GUI reached end-of-life.

Under the agreement, KDAB will support BlackBerry QNX products, including the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, QNX OS for Safety and QNX OS for Medical. This benefits KDAB customers by providing access to safe and secure software through a trusted supplier with a proven track record of delivering QNX-based solutions.

KDAB is a unique partner due to the depth and breadth of their products and services, as well as their extensive experience working with BlackBerry QNX software at all levels,” said Kaivan Karimi, SVP and Co-Head, BlackBerry Technology Solutions, BlackBerry. “If the Industrial IoT is to succeed, it’s going to need to be built on safety-certified, mission-critical embedded software, and together with KDAB we offer an unbeatable combination of capabilities and technologies that today’s forward-thinking companies are looking for in their mission to deliver best-in-class devices and applications.”

KDAB’s global customer base, which includes industry leaders such as Airbus, Ericsson, IBM, Nokia, Shell, and Siemens, will continue to benefit from the company’s ability to deliver technically superior and innovative cross-platform software but with the added benefit of a safety-critical and resilient RTOS that helps guard against system malfunctions, malware, and cybersecurity breaches.

The BlackBerry QNX Distributor and Value-Added Integrator Program will allow KDAB to augment BlackBerry QNX’s successful embedded legacy to design and develop secure, mission-critical QNX-based solutions – ultimately accelerating customer time to market.

We’re excited to support this full-featured and highly reliable microkernel RTOS portfolio for our customers,” said Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, KDAB’s President and CEO. “This will enable us to provide even more robust and better integrated safety-critical solutions at a rapid pace. We’re also pleased to extend the technical support we currently offer QNX customers.”

To learn about the BlackBerry QNX Distributor and Value-Added Integrator program, visit https://ca.blackberry.com/partners.

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