Kathis Energy LLC Announces First Fund

$5.25 Million Fund Will Focus on Proven Texas Oil Fields

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Kathis Energy LLC announces the opening of its first fund targeting overlooked but proven oil fields in Texas. Leases for the project have already been acquired and assigned to Kathis Energy Fund 1, LP in preparation for drilling in these proven fields.

Ivan Webb, President of Kathis Energy stated, “I am really very pleased with the quality of work that our geologists Jim Webster and Wayne Bagan have done to establish the three prospects in our Kathis Energy Fund 1, LP. I look forward to beginning drilling operations on these leases and bringing wells online for our investors.” 

This fund will focus on three prospects within Jones, Runnels and Shackelford Counties. The prospect fields all have excellent well control and high yield potential based upon recovery data from within the fields and formations.

Technological advances have allowed Kathis Energy to identify significant oil reserves left by majors during previous field development. The techniques and technologies employed by Kathis Energy on behalf of its investors, proven by some of the largest oil and gas producers around the globe, show significant oil reserves previously identified but not recovered by previous operators in multiple potential pay zones.

Kathis Energy Fund 1, LP is available for direct investment to accredited investors, as well as through the Registered Investment Advisor and Family Office channels. The minimum investment is $50,000, with significant upfront tax advantages for general partner investors and a targeted investment multiple of 3x upon exit sale in three to five years.

ABOUT KATHIS ENERGY LLC: Kathis Energy LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern Minerals & Exploration Ltd. (NMEX) in the business of leasing and developing oil and gas wells in proven but overlooked fields in Texas. Through its private placement investments, Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals have the opportunity to directly invest in tax-advantaged, income-producing oil and gas opportunities.

To find out more about Kathis Energy LLC and its current offerings, including this one, please visit our website at www.kathisenergy.com.

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Ivan Webb, President

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Kathis Energy, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northern Minerals & Exploration, Ltd. (NMEX) in the business of leasing and developing oil and gas wells in proven but overlooked fields in Texas.

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