KateBackdrop Launches Holiday Photography Backgrounds, Better Shipping Service

A leading photography background printer is gearing up for the holidays with new items and better delivery service.

A leading photography background printer is gearing up for the holidays with new items and better delivery service. KateBackdrop is promising its customers better photography solutions for the holiday season.

KateBackdrop has been producing high-quality, realistic photography backgrounds for eight years now. Established in 2012, the company’s mission has always been to provide consumers with the best quality products and first-class service at a low cost — whether it’s for professional photographers or amateur enthusiasts. This dedication to its craft has helped the company accumulate over 200,000 clients from all over the world.

“At Kate Backdrop, we celebrate any event of every season with the world. From snowy scenes to traditional Christmas backgrounds, we have the holiday backdrop to suit any photo session our avid customers may have,” shared Luke Lee, CEO of KateBackdrop.

Whether it’s a photoshoot for kids, a backdrop for a family greeting card, or just a festive drop for that New Year party booth — KateBackdrop has it all.

What makes the service stand out from the rest is the quality of its products. It uses a computer-printed, wrinkle-resistant microfiber material that is found to be the best fabric for these items. The decision to transition from using bulky vinyl to microfiber cloth came after much research and consumer feedback. This new material is used for its seamlessness and durability. It is also washer and dryer safe, unlike other backdrops.

All its photography supplies are also printed using a special method to make sure all patterns are realistic and stereo senses are on spot. To achieve this level of quality, KateBackdrop has established two productions and Research and Development centers in Suzhou, China.

“At KateBackdrop, we put our customers first. We’re willing to go the extra mile, even if that means sacrificing profit. We just want our users to enjoy our products.”

In an aim to further establish better service this shopping and partying season, the company is amping up its delivery service as well. It currently ships worldwide to over 100 countries — to the U.K., Germany, Japan, Italy and more.

Understanding the Christmas rush, the company processes orders within 24 hours from receiving the order and all are processed six days a week — from Monday to Saturday. Production time can be as short as overnight, and shipping within the U.S., to Australia and Southeast Asia, can take as little as three days.

Aside from photography backgrounds, KateBackdrop also manufactures rubber floor mats to complete any photoshoot set. Measuring 3mm in thickness, these are computer-printed as well to achieve the same clarity and quality.

KateBackdrop promises high-quality photography backdrops that are affordable and accessible.

For more information about KateBackdrop and its products and services, visit katebackdrop.com.

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