Katalyst Technologies Announces a Partnership With Easy Metrics

Katalyst Technologies is pleased to announce their partnership with Easy Metrics. Easy Metrics is a SaaS cloud-based labor management system that began its operations in 1996 as Integrated Management Systems, a distribution outsourcing provider. During this period, they began development on software systems to help track labor cost.

In 2004, the company started servicing operations for large retailers such as Walmart and Target. Currently, these organizations produce large volumes with tremendous cost pressures with a huge need for better systems. These new systems created were equipped to handle tracking production. These systems were further able to reduce headcounts by 40 percent and increase employee wages. Within six months, productivity increased from 73 cases per hour to 150 cases per hour. 

Today, the company is rapidly growing and is considered a major player in cloud-based labor management systems. Katalyst’s Supply Chain and Retail Division works with the world’s leading retailers and logistics providers and believes from its partnership with Easy Metrics, that their Cloud solution is the right approach to improve efficiency, bring transparency to labor management processes and reduce costs for its clients.

The partnership between the companies combines the best-of-breed benefits of Easy Metrics Labor Management with the best-practice integration capabilities of Katalyst. Regardless of the number of data points, our teams work with the end client to ensure required data is gathered, parsed and properly delivered to the labor-management engine. We also test the system and work with the client through the training cycle.

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