Katalon Introduces TestOps, an Open and Comprehensive Test Orchestration Platform to Streamline DevOps

TestOps delivers a central command center, accelerates productivity and time to insight, and maximizes ROI.

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Katalon, Inc., the provider of a leading test automation platform, today introduced Katalon TestOps, an open and comprehensive test orchestration platform designed to help enterprises scale test automation and streamline DevOps pipelines.

"Efficient enterprise-grade DevOps are difficult to implement; there are too many knobs to turn and risks associated with it," said Vu Lam, CEO of Katalon. "The focal point of Katalon TestOps is to allow QA teams of any size to confidently orchestrate their development and testing operations while making efficient use of their resources and ultimately increasing their ROI."

Defining the future of efficient test orchestration

Delivering high-quality products in a short period of time has become the norm and is part of the strategic playbook of multiple industries across the board. The rising demand and need for complex software has inspired QA teams to seek ways to innovate, adapt, and scale. A fundamental and game-changing strategy adopted by the enterprise is test automation, which enables teams to detect issues faster in their development cycle. However, this is just part of the equation. To meet the high demand for complex software, enterprises must implement an efficient DevTestOps cycle, and that is difficult to accomplish.

Enhancing efficiency and increasing collaboration

Katalon TestOps aims to enhance collaboration between development and QA teams by acting as a command center connecting all test data and team members into a shared tight feedback loop. TestOps also focuses on maximizing ROI and resource utilization early on in the pipeline. New features like smart test schedulers and test planning mechanisms provide teams with the power to optimize test runs. 

Another priority of TestOps is to reduce the manual steps involved in software test execution. Katalon TestOps offers a unique serverless solution, automatic load balancing, parallel execution, and many other innovative features that provide a much more efficient delivery cycle with less redundant procedures.

Data-driven DevOps management

Katalon TestOps brings a data-driven approach to enhancing software quality. Providing users with the ability to gain immediate valuable insights from test results, TestOps redefines how analytics can be used to ensure the quality of products. Now teams can manage releases without continuous and repetitive follow-ups, combined with intelligent instant feedback loops. DevOps teams now can swiftly discover and address issues found anywhere in the pipeline without having to waste valuable time digging through endless log files. 


The new Katalon TestOps is immediately available on the Katalon website here

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Katalon is the leading provider of software test automation solutions. With a flexible platform for web, API, mobile, and desktop testing that fits teams, projects of any size, and any purpose. Katalon is widely trusted by a global community across over 160 countries. 

Katalon is recognized as a top automation tool by prestigious reports such as Gartner, Capterra, and IT Central Station. 

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