Kasta and Ralph Boschung Bridging the World of Formula Racing and Digital Currencies

Kasta closes partnership with F2 driver Ralph Boschung to bring the brand to formula racing as part of the companies scaleup strategy.

Kasta F2 Partnership

Kasta, the next-generation Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform is proud to announce they are a sponsor of Ralph Boschung's F2 car this year. Ralph is a member of the Campos Racing team and winner of the GP3 Series. Off the track, Ralph is a big supporter of crypto adoption and an early believer in the Kasta team, he actually invested in the project last year.

Kasta is developing an app that will make it easier for users to make crypto payments in their daily life. The application is slated to launch in the second quarter of this year. The project aims to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by simplifying the process of sending and receiving assets. The Kasta Ecosystem is powered by the $Kasta token, which was actually used to cover the cost of sponsoring Ralph Boschung.

"I'm very happy to welcome Kasta as a sponsor for my Formula 2 world championship season in 2022. Formula 2 is about speed, innovation and technology; I truly believe that Kasta and Formula 2 merges on this aspect and makes the partnership very fruitful," says Ralph Boschung F2 Driver.

When Kasta CEO Carl Roegind was first approached about the partnership, he rejected the offer in FIAT as he couldn't justify the expense this early on in the company's journey. Offering a counter to take the payment in Kasta token, he was pleasantly surprised when the offer was accepted. 

Commenting on the partnership, CEO Carl Roegind says, "F2 has a global community and is the perfect event for us to be involved with. It exposes Kasta to a large audience around the world that values technology and performance. The opportunity also means our team will be on the ground at races this year showing off and onboarding users; the exposure will be amazing. More to Ralph, I have known him for some time and he will be a great ambassador for the brand as well. I wish him well on track this year, and I am sure the whole team will join me in cheering him on every race."

As a part of the sponsorship, the Kasta team will be attending Formula 2 and Formula 1 racing events this year to showcase the Kasta app and onboard fans. F2 is a great sport for Kasta to align itself with due to the global nature of races and the growing worldwide crypto community. Kasta branding will be displayed on the cars driven by Ralph Boschung the whole year, which will help Kasta gain momentum and popularity as it grows. Stories from the races will feature heavily on Kasta social channels all year round.

The team at Kasta are excited about this sponsorship, as it merges their two passions of motor racing and cryptocurrencies. The deal was facilitated by Carl Roegind, who is working rigorously to ensure a smooth operation for all parties and individuals involved.

About Kasta

Kasta is a blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payment services. Our platform makes P2P payments easy, simple, and accessible. As the project transitions into a crypto-based economy, Kasta provides the market convenience necessary for cross-border payments on a global scale. Through the platform, Kasta aims for globalized cryptocurrency adoption and improving the functionality of financial services.

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