Karine Karadjian Professional Law Corporation Offers Free Webinars for Those in Debt

​​​Karine Karadjian, founding attorney of Karine Karadjian, a Professional Law Corporation with a bankruptcy attorney office in Irvine, recently released free webinars to give those struggling with debt during the COVID-19 pandemic information on temporary hardship programs and government benefits. Her hope is that, for some, bankruptcy can be avoided.  These webinars can be found on www.kelawfirm.com or on YouTube. 

As a bankruptcy attorney, Karadjian has received many calls from those who have experienced job loss or significant reduction in income due to COVID-19 and are contemplating bankruptcy because they cannot make ends meet. Karadjian provides honest feedback through phone and Zoom consultations, advising that people explore all their options first before bankruptcy, like trying to apply for temporary hardship programs directly with their lenders and seeing if they qualify for unemployment, SBA loans or other pandemic relief assistance programs. If their situation does not improve over the next few months, then a bankruptcy may make sense. 

Additionally, the webinars suggest what to look for when seeking out a bankruptcy law office in Irvine and the surrounding area. Some pointers include making sure that the attorney has experience in debt relief and bankruptcy, as opposed to expanding into that field after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Karadjian also suggests checking the attorney’s profile on the California State Bar website to make sure the attorney does not have complaints or disciplinary actions. She also suggests cross-checking reviews across various sites such as Google, Yelp, and Avvo.  

“Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right choice for many people, but it’s not something to be rushed into. When someone calls my office and their sole purpose for calling is that they’ve been affected by the COVID-19 situation, I give them a list of resources and options to try first and tell them to wait a few months to see how things unfold. A lot of lenders and creditors are understanding of the current climate and are willing to work out temporary hardship relief options with debtors. If, in a few months, the potential clients are still in a situation they can’t get out of, then we can have a more thorough conversation about the possibility of a bankruptcy filing. I made these webinars because the last thing anyone should do is rush into bankruptcy or, worse, rush into bankruptcy with an attorney who has no experience with it. These are difficult times for so many and it’s important to find solutions that can benefit people today as well as tomorrow. The webinars are one way that I can help,” Karadjian said. 

The Karine Karadjian bankruptcy law office is working remotely through phone calls and video-conferencing. 

For more information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement and alternatives to filing for bankruptcy or to make a press inquiry, contact the Karine Karadjian Professional Law Corporation at (949) 565-4707 or contact@kelawfirm.com. 

Source: Karine Karadjian