Kareem McMurrin Talks About Fixing Credit Before the New FICO Score Rollout

A great credit score is not always easy to come by. Student loans, credit card bills, missed payments and more can all affect one's credit score. Increasing one's credit score can often be hard, unless their financial consultant is Kareem McMurrin. Kareem McMurrin's financial consulting company Bar Financials is committed to exceed every client's expectations and to build an excellent client relationship. With banks looking to tighten their lending requirements, McMurrin, through his company Bar Financials, will help people gain access to credit. 

With the COVID-19 impact, all financial industries are being affected. The new FICO resilience index being discussed, which will be used along with a person's FICO score, rates consumers on a scale of 1 to 99 - the higher the score, the higher the risk. To put consumers in a position to win with this possible new system, Bar Financials offers services such as unlimited bureau disputes, credit assistance, 24/7 online client portal access, and more, to help consumers. The company's clientele spreads across the United States. Some states include Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, California, New York, and Massachusetts. Consulting with each client, McMurrin and other analysts will review their credit report and customize an entire credit repair plan. Inaccurate late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies and credit errors are able to be removed with the help of McMurrin. After 45 days, a new and improved credit score will be received.

With over seven years of expertise, Kareem McMurrin and his team have helped thousands of clients repair their credit faster and better than other companies. A good credit score is a great financial accomplishment. Bar Financials is the leading financial and credit consulting company whose mission is to help clients reach their financial dreams.

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Source: Bar Financials