Kanthaka Announces Launch of Personal Trainer On-Demand App in L.A. to Continue Their US Growth

The launch in L.A. represents the Company's first city on the West Coast

Kanthaka Founder Sylvia Kampshoff

​​Kanthaka Inc. today announced that they launched their Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor On-Demand App in Los Angeles. Los Angeles will be the Company's first market on the West Coast and complements the Company's network of eight major U.S. cities in which the Company is already active. With the Kanthaka App, clients can schedule highly vetted personal trainers and yoga instructors to any location they want with only a few taps on the App. 

"Our mission is to make fitness accessible for everybody. Many of our female clients don't feel comfortable training at a gym and love having a highly vetted trainer workout with them in the privacy of their home. Busy professionals want to stay fit but don't have time to waste in traffic. Kanthaka trainers travel to our clients, making training as easy as possible, that there are literally no more excuses to live a healthier life," says CEO of Kanthaka, Dr. Sylvia Kampshoff.

The Company has over 200 highly vetted personal trainers and yoga instructors available in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and L.A., making it the leader in on-demand, in-home training Apps within the U.S. The company is laser-focused on the customer experience and providing a +five star service. As Kanthaka is very popular among active adults and seniors. Scheduling is also possible with a concierge scheduling service, in addition to the App.

The company has been growing rapidly over the last six months, drawing in fitness-minded consumers from all levels of life. "Our clients range from an 11-year-old to our oldest client being 85. We love to be able to bring a healthier life to such a broad spectrum of people. We are in particularly happy with being able to bring fitness to our older clients, who are pretty much forgotten by a lot of the gyms and virtual fitness Apps," says CEO of the Company, Dr. Sylvia Kampshoff.

"Our trainers are excited about the App giving them the possibility to focus on what they love, training people and not having to worry about marketing themselves. We take pride in ourselves for our high level of vetting processes and having only top tier trainers on the App by only taking one out of 10 trainers who apply," says Chip Collerain, head of trainers at Kanthaka. 

Kanthaka is a marketplace App for personal trainers and yoga instructors, with which clients can schedule a highly vetted trainer to their home, park, office or apartment gym with only a few taps on the App.

More information on Kanthaka is available on Kanthaka's website: www.mykanthaka.com and the Kanthaka App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kanthaka/id1217953157?ls=1&mt=8

Sylvia Kampshoff​​
T: +7136143227
E: sylvia.kampshoff@mykanthaka.com

Source: Kanthaka Inc.


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