Kannetic Releases Results of Focus Group Where United Customers Share Their Thoughts on How to Improve Customer Experience

Kannetic held an online panel to gain insight into the customer experiences of United Airlines customers.

Kannetic, a collective intelligence platform that utilizes participatory intelligence to gain critical insight for improving business and leadership performance, recently launched an online panel to better understand how United Airlines could improve customer experience. In response to situations United Airlines faced last week and the outpouring of customer engagement on social media, leaders at Kannetic thought it would be a good opportunity to use their collective intelligence technology to identify specific actions United could take to improve customer experience. 

While social media has a tendency to generate polarized, collective outrage, Kannetic’s social platform is designed to foster collaborative collective intelligence.  Kannetic developed a customer experience solution specifically tailored around United Airlines customer experience and recruited a panel of United customers to participate.  The panel rapidly identified 15 targeted actions United Airlines should take to improve customer experience and help repair their brand.

“We were shocked by the level of engagement and response we have had to this panel,” says Darren Noy, Chief Science Officer at Kannetic Solutions. “Within 48 hours from starting to recruit participants, we had a detailed list of prioritized practical improvement actions United could take to improve customer experience in the areas that specifically mattered most to United's detractors. There is obviously a very strong desire amongst United customers to express their thoughts on how the airline can improve customer experience.”

Given the already strong engagement in this process, Kannetic has decided to open up the panel to anyone who wants to suggest, discuss, or vote on actions United should take to improve customer experience. To see the 15 top actions the United customer panel suggested United should take or to join these customers in sharing your own thoughts about what United should do to improve customer experience, visit the Kannetic's United Customer Experience Brief.

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