Kandon, Formerly Fliqpay Technologies Limited, Expands Operations

Kandon offers customizable management solutions to reduce the burden of managing the many facets of a global operation to help corporations scale more quickly and efficiently.

Kandon is using technology to manage liquidity for global businesses.

Kandon Technologies Limited, a startup using technology to manage liquidity for global businesses across entities, geographies and currencies has expanded operations. 

Kandon is backed by seed-stage accelerator Techstars and received $120,000 in pre-seed funding, which it first launched as Fliqpay in 2020 with its payment gateway that allows businesses across Africa to be paid in digital currency from anywhere in the world. After incorporating its Headquarters in Toronto with the help of Techstars Toronto MD [Sunil Sharma], the startup has witnessed immense growth and expansion, especially in its Treasury services across the U.S., the UK, Canada, and multiple countries in Africa.

With ever-changing business needs now more than ever, corporations need innovative and technological solutions in liquidity management. 

That is the mission that drives Kandon, the startup that offers customizable management solutions to reduce the burden of managing the many facets of a global operation to help corporations scale more quickly and efficiently. The tech startup offers liquidity provision in preferred currency across Africa, the UK & Canada for corporations. Global businesses can also initiate currency conversions between the supported currency pairs and manage transactions involving multiple currencies without any stress.

Other solutions include;
Alternative Trading: Trading service designed to meet the complexities of international trades in multiple currencies both fiat and digital. 

Treasury Solution: Liquidity management with a team of treasury specialists dedicated to delivering liquidity solutions that can scale business regardless of location or size of the organisation. Kandon's liquidity solution is structured to meet the needs of institutional funds and market-makers.

Invoice Discounting: Kandon's invoice discounting service allows the startup to provide businesses with immediate cash flow, enabling continuous growth and cash management.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Kandon, Ayowole Ayodele, "The availability and accessibility of funds can determine the success of any business. At Kandon, we have extensive knowledge of emerging currencies, and our one-stop solution is designed to help businesses in expanding where they can do business with access to FX liquidity. We are basically accelerating business growth for companies across the globe."

Kandon Technologies Limited is a liquidity management company using technology to empower corporations to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and generate meaningful and measurable results. Founded in 2019 by Ayodele, Kandon offers Treasury Solutions and Alternative Trading for businesses to cope with an increasingly complex marketplace and regulatory environment. 

Kandon has presence in Toronto (Canada), London (UK), Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Kampala (Uganda), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Nairobi (Kenya). Kandon Management Team; Ayowole Ayodele (CEO), Jime Akpusugh(COO), Uzoamaka Okoro (CPO), Chidimma Nriagu (CMO), Nkem Nsofor (CIO).

Find out more at kandon.com 

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