Kanban Tool Gives Insight on the Best Way to Manage Remote Teamwork During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Best Way to Manage Remote Teamwork During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Everyone is being urged to take the responsibility to contain the spread of Covid-19, to minimize risk to the most vulnerable members of society. Meticulous hand washing, avoiding public gatherings and working from home is the least most people can do.

But working from home can be difficult for teams that have no experience with remote collaboration, and they should consider the below tips to make it a viable approach that will keep a business afloat during this sensitive time.

A tool that people are finding helpful, using which has a virtually non-existing learning curve, is a kanban board - and Kanban Tool service provides one of the most established ones used for team productivity.

Traditional kanban boards are an illustration of one's workflow: split into columns, each representing a process stage, with sticky notes standing for one task each. Kanban Tool enhances the concept by making the board virtual - available any time from anywhere - and by addition of programmable custom features, letting teams align the board layout and features exactly with their needs.

After a short set-up time, teams are able to connect, each team member from their home, but all seeing a shared workflow in front of them. From here on, task assignments can be used to signal who will work on what, and progress can be monitored by everyone, in real-time.

To make a team's first-steps even easier, numerous process templates are available. The application is currently being used by teams from across all kinds of industry, proving the universality of the concept.

Teams need to stay aware of the urgency of their projects, and managing a backlog of tasks can be a challenge for many - a kanban board is designed to solve these challenges by giving an accurate visual representation of all tasks, process status, problems, bottlenecks, assignments and more. It also improves communication. Work is easier to share, when the totality of the process is known, and all planned tasks are accessible. It’s also easy to optimize the workflow and track progress with the built-in time-tracking feature, and with metrics such as Cumulative Flow and Lead & Cycle Time.

The kanban method helps teams become self-managed - co-workers are able to prioritize for themselves, share the workload evenly, and report on what went well vs what needs to be improved. This is an invaluable advantage, taking into account managements' limited ability to oversee every step of the process in remote working scenarios.

Using an online kanban board helps to establish a flexible and sustainable business workflow within an organization under any circumstances, but especially during efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Why not take advantage of the tried and trusted solution, to both remain productive and help the healthcare system contain the number of people simultaneously needing care.

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