Kami Vision Showcases Breakthrough Senior Safety Digital Health Solution and AI Home Security at CES 2024

AgeTech solution KamiCare delivers industry-leading fall detection precision and swift emergency assistance, empowering seniors to comfortably age in place. Kami Pro Security offers a professional-grade, video alarm system for residences and businesses.


Kami Vision, the computer vision company that provides AI solutions to enterprise, SMB, and consumers, today announced its participation in CES 2024. The company will showcase two products: KamiCare, a digital health solution for senior safety with superior fall detection and swift emergency response, and Kami Pro Security, an AI-powered home security system, now featuring upgraded 2K resolution cameras. Attendees can experience Kami Vision’s products from January 9-12 at booth 8268, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

KamiCare, now enhanced with RapidSOS, introduces a new method of emergency response for seniors. This vital update is crucial to ensure timely assistance, given the alarming statistics about senior falls:

  • Over 70 million seniors, 20 percent of the U.S. population, face high fall risks
  • Fall-related deaths occur every 19 minutes and ER treatments every 13 minutes
  • Fall-related medical costs exceed $67 billion annually

KamiCare with RapidSOS promptly initiates voice calls and texts to the senior after detecting a fall. If there is no response, it alerts emergency contacts and escalates to 911 in critical situations, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Contrasting traditional methods like wearables and pull cords, KamiCare is 99.9% accurate in fall detection, ensuring reliable and timely notifications to families, care teams and emergency services. To further simplify ease-of-setup for seniors, KamiCare now includes a new fall detection sensor featuring remote pan and tilt functionality and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

“With KamiCare successfully used in professional healthcare facilities for over a year, we’re now integrating with RapidSOS and bringing it to a home setting to extend the life-saving technology to more seniors,” said Sean Da, CEO of Kami Vision. “This step strengthens our commitment to rapid emergency response, ensuring seniors can safely age in place. We're thrilled to present this reliable and affordable AgeTech solution at CES.”

In addition to KamiCare, the company will showcase the enhanced Kami Pro Security system, now featuring 2K resolution cameras. This upgrade delivers superior visual quality, enabling early and more accurate activity detection for robust home security and enhanced safety. Kami Pro Security is a vision AI-powered camera alarm system for the entire home with 24/7 professional monitoring. This intelligent, DIY, camera-based security system replaces outdated panels and sensors, offering reliable intruder detection, video evidence capture and notification to authorities for swift and appropriate response.

Visit Kami Vision at CES 2024

To experience the latest in AI home security and safety solutions, visit us:

  • Booth #8268, North Hall (Digital health section)
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • January 9-12, 2024

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