Kabeara Kennels Is a Company That Breeds Samoyed Puppies on a Six-Thousand Square Foot Property Located in Illinois.

Snow-white dogs have been bred in the Kabeara Kennels for over three decades in a stress-free environment.

The owner of the company, Theresa Heaver, has a passion for one of the oldest breeds in the world, and a website where she often writes about Samoyeds and her company. She also shares photos she receives from happy clients with the world.

Samoyeds are related to wolves, and they were recently domesticated in the United States. Over 50 years ago they were used in expeditions in cold environments since their fur and build allows them to thrive in cold weather.

Today, most Samoyeds bred at Kabeara Kennels are the descendants of the dogs used in expeditions in the Antarctic as well as those imported from Russia.

The owner of Kabeara Kennels also makes sure that her potential clients know the needs of Samoyeds and are prepared to introduce a new member to their family.

Samoyed dogs love cold weather, and those interested in purchasing one should be aware that protecting their dogs from heat is quite important.

The snow-white dogs also have more energy in colder environments, so if your Samoyed suddenly gets more energetic during the winter, their love for cold weather could be the reason for it.

Samoyeds have two types fur: short and long. The longer fur helps them in cold weather but also slows them down in hot environments. Both types of fur need regular brushing to avoid tangling.

However, the maintenance of their fur is not much, considering how easy the Samoyeds adapt to new environments as well as how friendly they are toward both children and other animals.

It’s no secret that the snow-white dogs love being around humans, and they make a habit out of becoming extremely attached to a certain family member.

Samoyeds also have a long lifespan. They live anywhere between 10 and 15 years and grow up to 20 inches, which can make them the perfect friend for your child as he/she grows up.

The puppies rarely get overly excited and have pretty good self-control. They don’t run over smaller animals, nor do they jump on furniture. However, if you live in a colder climate, you should be prepared to have a more energetic dog.

The breeding process can be quite complicated at times, and the owners do their best to maintain the quality of their breeds.

Kabeara Kennels is quite transparent when it comes to sharing the medical history of their puppies as well as their bloodline. Most of them are actually descendants of champions.

The owner of the company also makes sure that potential Samoyed owners know every detail about the needs of future puppies. They can be one of the most loving breeds you will ever meet, but this also means the snow-white puppies require more attention.

Most Samoyed owners who purchased from Kabeara Kennels share their experiences on the company’s website, where they post videos and photos with their beloved puppies.

The owner of Kabeara Kennels is quite happy to hear from her previous customers about how happy the snow-white are doing with their new families.

Kabeara Kennels has been breeding Samoyeds in Illinois for three decades, and the owner of the company doesn't intend to stop anytime soon.

The positive reviews and pictures of satisfied customers with their Samoyeds makes her want to continue helping families find loving pets and new family members.

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