Kabeara Kennels Breeds Samoyed Puppies in a Stress-Free Environment for Over Three Decades

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For over three decades, Kabeara Kennels Samoyed puppies were bred on a nine-acre property in Lockport, Illinois. On the large property near Chicago, there is more than enough room for the Samoyed dogs to play and live in a stress-free environment.

Teresa Heaver, the owner of Kabeara Kennels, is proud of her pure-bred Samoyeds that come from champion bloodlines. The owner prioritizes the health of her snow-white puppies. She keeps track of the medical history of each puppy, and she guarantees the health of the eyes and hips for her all of her dogs.

Every dog bred in the Kabeara Kennels facility benefits from plenty of space in the six-thousand square-foot building that has heated floors and air conditioning. The owner of the facility makes sure that the potential clients know everything about their future puppies, including grooming techniques and what the dogs need to stay healthy and happy.

Kabeara Kennels also x-rays all of the dogs inside the facility for hip dysplasia and guarantees that all the vaccinations are up to date. The owner of the facility closes a contract to back up her promise that the puppies are healthy.

Theresa Heaver also makes sure that all of her puppies become accustomed to children and end up making the perfect family member.

The owner mentions that Samoyeds love children and have a gentle temperament. They are also slightly more energetic during the winter. The snow-white puppies are perfect for families who have more than one pet since the Samoyeds get along well with other animals too. Theresa Heaver also recommends her customers to always purchase dogs that are socialized with children.

Kabeara Kennels started a puppy socialization plan that prepares each puppy for their new home. This means each puppy that is introduced to their new family already has some basic skills and is prepared to live with other people. The owner of the facility encourages future Samoyed owners to continue the training even after they take their dog home.

The loyal temperament and the noble bloodline of Samoyeds make each dog a luxury for dog lovers.

Despite being related to wolves, Samoyeds are one of the friendliest breeds you will ever come across, and even though they do require a little bit of maintenance, due to their fur, they are quite calm and rarely get into trouble. Also known as the “smiley dog,” Samoyeds are guaranteed to make anyone smile thanks to their playful and loving temperament.

Customers of Kabeara Kennels not only receive all the paperwork needed but also advice and guidance from the owner of Kabeara Kennels on how to take care of their new family member.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge new owners face is the grooming of their dogs, as Samoyeds shed quite a lot of hair and frequent brushing is a must. The dogs have two types of fur: long and short. Without proper grooming, the furs get tangled. Also, Samoyeds should be protected from hot environments since they are a breed that fares better during the winter.

Kabeara Kennels offers the best environment for puppies to be bred and learn more about the world around them. The large space, as well as the socialization programs for the Samoyeds, makes the facility in Illinois your best choice if you are looking for a new family member. The owner of the facility is also very helpful and transparent, offering a medical history and guarantee for each puppy she breeds.

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