K.J. Mar$hae's New Book 'Slide Through My Life' Captivates Readers With a Display of What Life Is Like From the Lens of Differently Complex People.

Fulton Books author K.J. Mar$hae, a promising woman and writer, has completed her most recent book "Slide Through My Life": a riveting journey through the lives of different individuals in a small town where only the strong could withstand. This novel will follow the events in the journeys of Mary, Katrina and Daniel, and Low Key Low Boy, among others. 

Mar$hae shares, "Mary, the queen of the family, holds true to her title as she goes to no end to keep her family from being separated. Lies, hatred, abuse, and torment stand no chance against her resilience. Keeping to her usual style, being the spunky diva she was, not even Katrina and her evil tactics could knock her off her focus.

"Katrina and her brother Daniel will always be close but is that a good thing always? Some relationships are toxic, and some blood is too thick. No matter the circumstance, these two are riding until the wheels fall off, paying no mind to who is helped or hurt.

"Low Key Low Boy is the Boy Scout of a different troop. The streets are his cub house, and gangsta shit is his badge of honor. Can the streets handle him walking away, or is he in too deep? Does he even know?

"Living life in this small town is messy and unimaginable at times; it is also a life that only the strong can survive. When the good comes, know you made it and never let it leave you."

Published by Fulton Books, K.J. Mar$hae's book carries stories from the ghetto streets and the upscale walkways to the vibrant uptown and five-star dining. It's a fusion of different lives that can define life in general.

Everyday events that sound familiar yet are seemingly far away are told in these exciting pages.

Readers who wish to experience this interesting work can purchase "Slide Through My Life" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at support@fultonbooks.com or via telephone at 877-210-0816. 

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