JustKibbitz Reveals Why Moms Are Better at Choosing Your Date

Matchmaking is making a comeback with some New York-based professionals charging as much as $10,000 for six-month memberships. JustKibbitz shares why moms can do a better job as matchmakers for millennials.

​​With only 12% of online dating efforts leading to a committed relationship, daters have started to explore other, surprisingly traditional options, such as hiring professional matchmakers.  

In fact, the demand for matchmaking services is so high that some New York experts are now charging north of $10K for six-month memberships and six matches. 

JustKibbitz, a new Jewish dating site where friends and family do the matchmaking, proposed a much more cost-effective alternative.  

The brand outlined the top reasons why moms are the best Jewish matchmakers daters can find. The reasons include:

  • Value-based matching: Unlike the online dating algorithms that match based on shared interests, moms focus on shared values, which research identifies as one of the key factors in marital wellbeing 

  • In-depth insight: Algorithms and third parties have limited insight into personality traits and personal history 

  • Casual dating filter: It is easier to see who is looking for a committed relationship when “meet the parents” happens right away 

JustKibbitz also highlights the safety aspect of involving moms, especially in online dating.

Dating website users frequently receive sexually abusive and threatening messages. As many as 60% of women report having been sent unsolicited explicit images and 72% report having blocked a user due to aggressive messages.

JustKibbitz argues that placing moms in the role of an online matchmaker would leave no room for abuse of any kind. On this site, moms talk to other moms about their adult-age kids.

“Could you imagine a mother sending a picture of her son’s shvantz to another mother?!” - the brand writes.

By inviting moms and loved ones to participate in online matchmaking, JustKibbitz not only provides a secure platform but also a way for families to bring the oldest form of dating online.  

Additionally, the brand suggests that involving mothers in the date selection process can be a fun bonding experience where daters can be pleasantly surprised by the matches, commentary and conversations that ensue.

JustKibbitz' research shows that as many as 50% of millennials would be open to their mother choosing their date and that number rises to 92% if the date is pre-paid for.

About JustKibbitz

JustKibbitz, derived from the Yiddish word for chitchat -kibbitz-, translates the traditional way of dating to a fun online platform where moms and mother figures can matchmake, mingle and set their adult children on dates. It’s a new dating site to help someone you love meet someone they’ll love.

When launched, moms will be able to share the matches with the daters for approval, as well as plan and prepay for different types of dates including coffee, drinks and dinner.

JustKibbitz has opened pre-signups.

Source: JustKibbitz