JustIn Labs Announces a Strategic Partnership With Unifii to Improve Data Quality for UK ServiceNow Customers

UK ServiceNow customers can now benefit from JustIn Labs's Data Content Manager

JustIn Labs – the intelligent-application development branch of Finnish JustIn Group Oy – and UK-based Unifii Ltd, a certified ServiceNow partner, today announced a partnership agreement related to Justin Labs’ Data Content Manager (DCM) application.

ServiceNow customers in the UK are now able to realise the significant service management benefits provided by JustIn Labs's DCM application with the help of local ServiceNow expertise. This partnership will increase the presence of the DCM application in the UK market and provide a market differentiator for Unifii.

DCM is an application for service data design, management, and audit built on the ServiceNow platform. It’s ServiceNow certified and already available in the ServiceNow Store as a free-to-try download (https://justinlabs.io/dcm/store).

DCM provides ServiceNow customers with an intelligent way to manage their service data in a visual and easy-to-use ServiceNow app. It was selected by Unifii as a backbone for its customer-improvement consultancy services.

“At the ServiceNow customer Now Box event in Edinburgh last May, attendees from Unifii saw the potential of the DCM app, immediately identifying several customers where DCM would allow them to get more out of their ServiceNow investments” – said Mikko Juola, product manager at JustIn Labs.

Myles Molloy, head of business development at Unifii, said: “DCM will be a valuable tool in the Unifii service portfolio." He added: “Data quality can be a big customer problem and, before DCM, it was difficult to identify the problem areas in order to improve data compliance against agreed data models. Now, with DCM, being able to draw data models on top of ServiceNow and then audit existing data against those graphical models is great for customers”.

Both parties are excited about this new partnership and the potential benefits it brings to customers and the IT service management (ITSM) industry in the UK.

About Unifii Ltd

Enterprise service management and automation professionals with in-depth technical and process expertise gained across multiple industry sectors. We are a certified ServiceNow sales, services and training partner, managing ITIL and ITSM projects since 2004 with strong experience of integrating third-party tools and processes.

To learn more about Unifii, please visit http://unifii.co.uk

About the Data Content Manager Application

DCM is a visual tool that covers the end-to-end data management process, from data diagram planning to data audits and validation. It significantly reduces the customer effort needed for service-data management on the ServiceNow platform and improves the communication between the various stakeholders in the service-production value chain.


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Mikko Juola
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Email: mikko.juola@justin.fi

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